Biggest PDF Report You've Seen

What’s the biggest PDF home inspection report file you’ve ever created?


When I first started using my reporting software (3D) my files were from .5Megs up to 3Megs, then I discovered the file size of the photos placed into the reporting file can cause the file to be HUGH or small.
Currently almost all of my reports are under 1Meg.

Hope this helps, mike

12.4 Mb

The largest report I have assembled was 80 pages long and was for 4 homes and a horse arena/barn. I don’t know how many megabytes it was. But when I told the lawyer he ask me if there was anyway I could condense it. I finally got it down to 18 pages! :slight_smile:

I think Jerry Peck once said here on the BB that his reports were 150+ pages long. If in PDF, that would be the largest I’ve heard of!!

Uh oh… I know what Chris is up to. :smiley: Can anyone guess?

Upload capabilities…

Sort of bad question — PDF files like anything else can have a lot of eye candy


Eye Candy = Marketing opportunities!

He is creating a report upload feature for NACHI Members.


Do you ever see something positive in anything?

That is one of the things I like about HomeGauge, the reports are in HTML.

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I found that it varies dramatically with the program you use to produce the pdf.

Pdf factory has worked the best for me in allowing me to make my photos large enough to be useful (usually medium size) while condensing the file size to under 2 MB on average. The larger projects still can range up to 3-5 MB, and one was really huge, but that was a one-time anomoly that I knew I wouldn’t have to transmit - straight to CD-ROM.

I think I had one that was 8 megs one time. I handle the report software a little better now, I’m almost never over 1.

PDF. Never use it.

I use and HTML archive document through HomeGauge.

About 1.2 Meg. Pictures and diagrams included.