what is your file size on a wind

It seems lately my file sizes for reports are too big for some email clients, I have not really had the time to look into it BUT I got a call from an insurance agent that could not upload my wind report to Citizens, I looked at the report it came out to 2.4 MB in PDF.
What size have you all found your reports to be.
Any ideas on how to compress?

I print it to a file and it comes down to 406K from the original 1240K

I was printing to pdf from homegauge, I found that if I just saved the file from homegauge it was about 1.75 mbs

Check your Picture Size this may the problem and always print to PDF so it locks the file.

The last one yesterday was 2857kb in PDF. I take the pics at 1.1mp.

If you have a PDF program (I got one for $99) in addition to the pix size reduction ( I always use the email size resolution on the camera to start with) you can further reduce the end result by “Optimizing” the PDF and that reduces it further. The end result usually is @1 MB +/-.

George Seaman

Was it an allstate agent that called? I had the same call and I seperated the pages into 6 different attachments. Seemed funny that the hundreds of forms I have submitted were all ok but this one agent couldn’t send. I think its on their end and not ours.

Citizens software limits file transfers to 2 MB

[li]NOTE:[ol][/li][li]Only WORD, PDF, JPEG and TIFF documents are eligible for document transfers.[/li][li]The total volume of all documents you want to transfer may not exceed 2 MB. You may conduct multiple transfers if you have more than 2 MB of documents to submit.[/li][li]The length of the file name (including the drive name, slash and folder name) should be less than 252 characters.[/li][/ul]

The pictures are probably the culprit.
The form itself is only 365 kb.
You can reduce the size of the pictures before you insert them using either the bulk resizer for windows or irafan.
My wm is 1.3mb with 20 pictures.

Added with edit:
I also have a program called “docuprinter lt” which is a print driver that makes pdf files. That 1.3 mb pdf when printed with DP LT comes out to 213 kb.


Below is just a sample with pictures just for demonstration purposes.

Why on earth do you need 20 pictures?

Why you do you think ? That is about close to what would be required for a typical Wind Mitigation report now or close to it. How many are you taking Mike ?

I take quite a few but only submit about 6 per inspection and rarely if ever have requests for more. I doubt I take 20 per job. It is generally 1 page added to the standard form.
Nail spacing, nail size, deck depth, a few of the elevation unless it is a hip then one from each side, Mt6 one of each. I keep all picts taken which is 1 from each view plus stuff above and picture of the shutters where they are and one of the stamp on the shutters. Universal does not even complain and want more. 6 photos usually gets it done.

The form states one from each question 3 thru 9 of VISIBLE and ACCESIABLE features if you went overboard and did 2 of each you still would not be near 20. That would be only 14.

There are several ways to answer that…:mrgreen::mrgreen:

I’ll choose the tactful one.
It eliminates any questions from the agent as well as protecting the inspector.

Have fun. Kind of like doing a 5 page 4 point inspection I guess. :smiley:

You usually need to take photos of each side of the house to begin with…which is 4 pictures right there. Nail spacing, strapping, nail size, shutters, garage door, doors,etc…it adds up to 20 pretty quick …or close to it.:wink:

I am just telling you what works every time. The only time they really require photos from each side is with a hip. I do have extra photos of each job on file but never need to submit them.

I have noticed since HI’s have started doing Wind Mits and 4 points they turn a mole hill into a mountain most of the time. We do not get paid per word or photo and all the underwriters want is the facts. Labeling them is also not necessary as they always know what they are looking at. I have never once had a request for labeling the photos. Everyone can do as they choose but I do what the form says and have next to no problems. Occasionally citizens wants a different angle on the nailing pattern marks which are a joke anyhow but that is it.

It has always been my practice to do more, to prevent future problems. What others do is not my concern.

In the Citizens example, there were 24 pictures.

And, number 6.

I understand your point and your report looks great BUT it is not necessary and it just means they have to sort out more stuff when they review it. Do as you wish. Have fun.

Even a roof sketch. You are crazy. Where does it say that is a requirement? What do you charge and how long do you think you spend in the field and in the office?