Bill Mullen Has Done It Again!

Bill Mullen, the self-appointed crusader and speaker for the Canadian home inspection industry has done it again.

I just read the Sun newspaper article where the* **“NHICC Spokesman Bill Mullen” **has announced that “qualified” *Canadian home inspectors will shortly have no alternative than to obtain national certification to be recognized by the Canadian Standard Association.

An article on the same topic published by the Toronto Star, but based on a statement issued by the manager of corporate affairs for the CSA Group claims, that only ***“very preliminary discussions” ***are currently underway, and that they are just floating the idea to see if there is actually a need - and if so - how to proceed eventually.

Well known for having jumped the gun in similar situations more than once in the past, all of Bill Mullen’s predictions should be taken with a grain of salt. However, the “*National Home Inspector” *comes well prepared, because he has somehow managed to become ***“NHICC NHI *Certificate Holder #00001” **already.

There are many valid reasons to improve the *“professional image” *of the Canadian Home Inspection Industry. But one more certification will certainly not do the trick. It might again benefit only course providers and educators for another round.

RUDOLF REUSSE - Home Inspector since 1976 - Retired


Will NHICC go quietly into the night! Talks of CSA to level the playing field is needed but must be done correctly.

I very rarely have anything negative to say regarding your insiteful informative posts, however, the credential Bill Mullen states NHICC NHI 0001 has been around for several years. He was the first to obtain the NCP before CAHPI tried to kill the program. He transfered his designation to NHICC when CAHPI dropped the ball.

Bill is trying to enhance the image of Canadian Home Inspectors and help create a meaningfull credential that the home buying public can trust.

If, and only if, CSA can find a way to validate the NHI certification then consumers will have something they can trust.

Rudolf, you may not know that the inspectors who earned their National Certification under the previous NCP CAHPI program and then transfered their membership to NHICC after CAHPI abandoned the program kept their respective certificate numbers. So Bill’s NCA number 00001 became NHICC 00001, my number NCA00372 became NHICC00372, etc. As for the alliance with CSA, I think Bill should be credited for his efforts to bring some respect to this shuttered industry. I read only negative comments left on 680 NEWS site and in “Toronto Sun” about home inspectors. This is very sad.

Worth repeating!

And you will see some more I guarantee it!

Only as long as you continue to post your BS on this MB

I don’t mean to pick on Bill, I’m very certain his intentions are good, but we have to admit that he has a long history of repeatedly and perpetually coming out with new…

LOL! Not hating… just keeping it real.

Not sure where you got that Nick, but it’s not documented and it’s obviously freshly authored. However, if you want to get into the quote game, I recall a few years back when you begged me on the phone to get you a seat on our national certification Board. You even moan how pissed off your Canadian members will be for you having abandoned them, but you were determined to get a piece of the action. (as if there was any )


Correct, and I graciously granted you every professional courtesy including letting you speak at InterNACHI’s events about your perpetual national certification programs.

In retrospect, you should have given InterNACHI a board seat. Maybe I could have gotten one of them to fly.

But I certainly wouldn’t have done it by pretending (yes, I said “pretending”) that I have some secret connection to the government that is going to result in certain people being “recognized” and every other inspector being put out of business.

You just can’t use that bluff over and over and over. Inspectors catch on after a while (they are inspectors).

Who is Bill?


Puffery is a self-evident exaggeration of the properties of the thing being advertised or reported. It is not intended to be taken literally. In fairness “puffery” is a well known in the art of marketing - regardless of association. So if one wants to dig deep enough - there’s plenty to go around.

The opinions of the reporter are just that - the reporters words! Do you believe everything you read?

If we all had to spend our time correcting misquotes from the media, or even confusion in the readers “interpretation” than we would be spending a lot of time and resources.

Puffery has always been used in marketing and more to the point - association building - and will most likely continue. I see a lot of it here almost every day. As I stated before just look around on some of the “stuff” posted on this MB over the years.

Just my observations as a wannabe …maintenance engineer!

Your point about “puffery” is well taken Claude.

There is a small but important difference between puffery and total B.S. though: Whenever I announce some government recognition or approval, I only do it in conjunction with irrefutable evidence. This often includes a scan of the dated approval document that was issued, a photo of me and the Minister or Governor or legislator to support my contention that a meeting occurred, copies of email exchanges, live links to the government agency site that shows InterNACHI’s approval, and/or digital PICs of my hand holding the actual certifications themselves, etc.

See right column of and scroll down. Click on some of those hundreds of links to see what I mean.

My members know me and grant me more leeway than I deserve with regard to what you describe as “puffery.” But I think their generosity towards me on this issue comes, in part, from the fact that I make it easy for them to verify it.

I hope that helps.

Well now we may finally be at the level of certification that this industry needs- CSA- an independent, world recognized organization. (even by UL and other US standards writing/certification agencies)

Hope this works out!

BRAVO, Bill!!!

I can’t wait! I will not look back after this.

The CSA Stakeholder’s meeting is on Sept 12th. CSA invited InterNACHI last month to be a Stakeholder. I’ll be attending the meeting.

I will also attend that meeting, which is about the CSA ‘other’ project to look into developing a common National Standards of Practice for Canadian Home Inspectors.

That meeting has nothing to do with the project that CSA and the NHICC have signed an agreement to work on, and that is to decide how the CSA can integrate the NHICC national certification program into its system and deliver it with our help. This is a totally separate project that includes only the NHICC and CSA. Meetings for this project have already started.

Just to clarify, there are two very different projects with very different players and goals.

Bill Mullen

Mr Mullen:

I don’t get on these boards very often but this topic had my curiosity up-I had to return at the first chance I had. I’m very surprised at the lack of banter on such an important issue- no posts for 3 days.

Has this motion to a national certification run by a large and respected group like CSA have everyone lost for words? What’s up?