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Re: Home Inspector Shakeup
The MOU between CSA & NHICC is over - no National Certification Program now. The following is the NHICC announcement on September 26:

The NHICC has from its inception sought to have the National Certification Program formally recognized by a third party accrediting agency. This is why our organization became a member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) and is in the final stages of full accreditation with them.

Some time ago the NHICC was approached by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). CSA expressed an interest in absorbing the NHICC and our version of the NCP under the CSA umbrella. The goal was to work together to develop a strong, independent and inclusive certification program for Home Inspectors in Canada. To that end we entered into negotiations that resulted in an MOU between the NHICC and CSA.

Following a NHICC information session in Ottawa, newspaper articles were published by several newspapers across the Canada. The message was inconsistent as only one paper was represented at this session and other editors have chosen to focus on different interpretations of hearsay. During the weeks that followed the CSA phone lines and e-mails were busy as a small group of people discussed what the CSA - NHICC Certification project was and what it would mean to them. As a result of the fallout it became clear that any efforts to continue with the NHICC / CSA project would be difficult and counterproductive. CSA asked to terminate the MOU, and the NHICC agreed in the interest of harmony and for the good of the industry.

CSA will continue to work with the entire industry, including the NHICC, on another project to develop a common set of Standards of Practice, but the Certification project will not move forward for now.

Our detractors have since resorted to public displays of misinformation as they try to pillory the NHICC. The need for independent third party certification is now even more obvious and urgent, since the industry backlash and misdirected anger have clearly shown that home inspectors cannot and will not ever unify on our own.

The NHICC will continue to seek expansion of our certification program and will pursue our ongoing ICE application as well as maintaining working relationships with several other stakeholders. Be assured that even with everything transpiring now within the industry, the NHICC registrant members who are qualified with the NHI designation will not be affected - the current qualification and designation will be preserved.

The NHICC continues in its commitment to work with the industry, stakeholders and consumers to promote the value of a truly independent ISO certified home inspection certification process. We will continue to be a voice for the profession on opportunities to collaborate with the industry and other like-minded professional associations.

Daniel Leung AScT, CHI, Lic. Home Inspector #47470…%20maintenance

Thanks again Bryce for posting this info!
Could you post this at OntarioAchi also.

Some time ago the NHICC was approached by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). (QUOTE)

For clarification who approached whom? Claude / Bill please elaborate!

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Daniel Leung AScT, CHI, Lic. Home Inspector #47470…%20maintenance


**Claude stated in an earlier post that the NHICC used ‘puffery’ to state their case. **

No synonyms found for: puffery

The following root words were the closest:
puffed up

puff up
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I kind of like ‘puke’!

The first post in this thread is a reposted copy from another forum (InspectionNews) by Daniel Leung. The statement made by Daniel and reposted here by Bryce regarding “The MOU between CSA & NHICC is over - no National Certification Program now” is inaccurate. That comment was a personal statement and not part of the original release. Thanks at least you gave credit to your source.

It was also similarly reposted on the ASHI forum by Raymond W.

However much to the disappointment of some - the National Certification Program is still alive and doing well! The NHICC - CSA project was shelved exactly as stated.

What it proves to CSA is really how fractured and competitive the home inspection sector really is in general.

On another note - the initial post in this thread only goes to prove that others can equally offer and spread false and misleading information too. By becoming caught up in this - those that repost it can also fall victim of reporting inaccurate information and cause their own form of what was that word - puffery.

For factual response to Bryce’s question - CSA approached the NHICC.

This whole “We have a secret deal going that is going to put you all out of business unless you join our … hold on, I forgot what letters we are using this year” routine is getting old.

I don’t think anyone ever** said** anything like that. Not that i can recall.

Now, some may have thought that was what had been said.


Close enough in my mind after being on the MB for many years!
You don’t think it has made an impact on more Home Inspectors and Clients?
I can tell you without a doubt it has and not to the good.

The bottom line in my opinion: The misleading newspaper articles caused a lot of damage and a loss of credibility!

The question is who mislead whom? Lot’s of supposition and allegations…

Talking about credibility and representation …there are others that have their share of transgressions too! It doesn’t take much to realize people on the other side of this discussion that have falsified information, including a few feeding this frenzy … so should we keep score or assign a “neutral arm’s-length” gatekeeper?

and whom do you suggest?

Let the one that is sinless cast the first stone!
Like manner all those in a Position to influence HI must be above reproach.

I wonder if Claude and Bills system’s is so great why they seem to get so little support from all the homies who have invested a lot of time and money .
Support seems to be lacking for them on all the open Home Inspectors forums .

Remember Whistler
Bill has a big anouncement comming soon

What has amazed me through reading this in various forms, claims, and followers through the years is that there does not seem to be any proof that a national “standard” of certification for inspectors has ever been justified or ratified.

Instead of all the hoopla at the governmental level, why not establish the need and get everyone to agree it’s a good thing. Then, put out a standard and allow MULTIPLE organizations to participate in the certification aspect. The standard cannot be a maximum standard, as then it can be challenged in court. Governmental intervention is meant to promote and enforce a minimal level of competency, not a maximum. The standards are developed via input from trade organizations and individuals (including the public and individual inspectoors). Once agreed and written into law, so long as the standard is met, any otherwise qualified organization, whether governmenta, public, private, for profit, or not-for-profit can participate.

This ends all the in-fighting, levels the playing field, and provides a means to accredit everyone who deserves it, via multiple paths of recognition.

Wait… this plan takes all the control and MONEY away from those who just want to help the consumer. It can never fly.

By the way, unless this scheme actually becomes a LEGAL requirement, the national certification is no better nor worse than OAHI’s accreditation, InterNACHI’s, or any other. It’s all voluntary, intended for marketing purposes, and fairly meaningless in many people’s eyes. Many clients are driven by price and gadgetry, as opposed to experience and honesty.

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First of all, CSA is a private organization just like InterNACHI is.

It’s one thing to author an SOP to mix jet fuel, because no passenger boarding a plane needs to know how the jet fuel was mixed.

It’s another thing to author an SOP for home inspectors and then tell consumers you can’t actually see the SOP unless you pay us $200… each time you look at it! It’s the most anti-consumer scam ever dreamed up.

ASTM tried that with their commercial inspection SOP and all it did was create a vacuum for to be adopted all over the world.

Maybe CSA should also author our Code of Ethics too. :wink: We could just tell our clients: “Sorry Mr. & Mrs. Consumer. We can’t display our Code of Ethics for you to see, but we promise, that if you could see it, you’d think it is really good.” LOL

What ???
Where did this come from Nick?

If Bill Mullen and his cohorts had not jumped the gun and kept for once their mouth shut until the proposed undertaking had actually been worked out, the premature and puffed up press releases would never have been published.

Now everyone knows that another attempt to clean up the mess in the Canadian Home Inspection Industry has failed again.

RUDOLF REUSSE - Home Inspector since 1976 - Retired.