Home inspectors to meet national standards


The Sun makes it sound as though this is mandatory government licensing but I don’t think that’s the case…just another acronym to add to the list of CHI, RHI. etc.

That is correct John and I am waiting for clarification. Plus there is already meetings being set up with prime stake holders over and above NHICC.

Just read this article…

For new students to spend more than $10,000 to just start the Inspection process and than come up with how much more for NHICC.
I have talked to the Dean Collin Kirkwood and this old add was not thought out properly, however what is done is done. I will say the Teaching did not include any convincing to go here are there for Organizations and I know many of them are going strait into working for Contractors in different trades.
All in all I was glad to hear that no connection with** Mike Holmes Group** was made accept in the initial recruit to get kids to the School.
I also taught the same way and will continue to do the same.

Here is my message in the Sault Star.

Yes I would Like to add the Comment that I am a InterNachi Inspector that has also applied and been granted to be a Certified Master Inspector. I do agree that a path to CERTIFY is needed but this organizations is not the only one willing to do this. If one looks across CANADA you find several Associations doing the work of mentoring and CERTIFYING Home Inspectors already.
Alberta has already been accepted to do this for the new designation of CANADIAN CERTIFIED HOME INSPECTOR.
It is good that CSA has decided to regulate the standards and I am all for it.
I just don’t feel this should have been spearheaded by someone who has caused so much decension in the Home Inspection Industry.
I am in talks with the other path for CERTIFICATION and across the board many are upset with this new CSA partnering that was set up without input from others and also the 2 Year Home Inspection Technician Diploma.
Not because it is not going to train young ones but because of the cost involved to be a CERTIFIED Home Inspector with proper Insurance.
Talks will now resume to get all the bugs worked out but CSA approval should not cost more then a Student can afford.
Also due to the area they will need to go to get CERTIFIED they will not be able to remain in SSM On.
One other comment I would like to make is the Real Estate should not be able to hand select who does the Inspection, it should be up to the individual buying the house to look at the Inspectors qualifications that can be found within the organizations. YELOW PAGES and CAN PAGES do not screen qualifications so if you don’t see them anywhere else check to see what Association they belong to. Ask for references as to how long they have been inspecting and if they truly are third part CERTIFIED.

I see two libelous points in the above post!

Go for it Claude!

Might give him and education


I know that this was a full frontal attack and all can be substantiated. But I have removed the portion you consider libelous.
I will wait to talk to CSA and you may be surprised to see how many are involved.

Well, Kevin, I have a copy of the MOU and only two groups signed it, and the same two groups will be doing the work. No organizations or individuals close to you are included.
Here’s another article to add to the information.

Bill Mullen

Let me assure you Bill talks are already in the process. It will take some time to sort everything out.
I know the CSA is already setting up another meeting and I am just waiting to talk to them.
I have already talked to the Dean of the School and Nick is next.

Wonderful. I guess you’ll be at the meetings next week with us !!!..NOT !!!..and what the heck has the Dean of the School have to do with this project ??..Once again, nothing.

You can talk all you want, but this project does not include you although the outcome will benefit all qualified Canadian Home Inspectors but most of all, consumers.

Bill Mullen

Thank you, Bill. Long time overdue.

I am not talking about your inside meeting I am talking the big meeting that you may come to the table with all the rest of the Associations. It should be very interesting.
I do agree and hope that some resolution can be agreed apon.
Because SSM On is the first to succeed in doing this they have a large stack in what happens next. The Dean did tell me they are not concerned about the path they take but just that they do get CERTIFIED.

Thanks again, Yuri.

The NHICC phone has been ringing constantly over the past couple of days, and we’ve received about 40 to 50 e-mails. Happily, they are running about 95% strongly in favour of this. At the same time, we have received several applications, (including a few from NACHI inspectors, which is great) from people wanting to get certified and be ready.

Life is good, and if I have anything to do with it, we will get this project done much sooner than later.

Bill Mullen

I want to make something clear here, and I think I can speak for Claude as well.

Our news lately has been happy for us, but is frankly not directly helping NACHI, although it will benefit all of the NACHI members who are qualifed inspectors. Nick and the others in charge here have not interfered with our messages, nor has he criticized what we are doing. For that we are very grateful. He believes in free speech and proves it often.

On the other hand, we have been posting similar messages on the OAHI members’ forum, but as a result, a few of us have been suspended by OAHI until the beginning of next year. Perhaps that illustrates one reason for their slow and agonizing demise.

Bill Mullen

It will indeed be interesting…I think it’s called ‘like herding cats’.

That meeting as you know then , has nothing to do with the Certification Program being studied and developed.

It is to review the Standards of Practice now in place and try to get us all to agree on a common, stronger version. I’m willing to participate, but I will be surprised if anyone leaves their personal prejudices at the door…but maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Bill Mullen

Ok now that I can agree on! Maybe that is what they will introduce the meeting with.
This meeting is to find common ground as to how all can work together for CSA approval.
One common ground we all have is no regulation has hurt the Home Inspection Business more than anything.

Makes sense to me. Right now it is fairly easy in some areas to “become” and practice as a home inspector. But being a good home inspector requires more knowledge than some possess and more effort than some give.
With multiple associations and multiple certifications, consumers can be confused on who to trust and hire.
I will likely have my application in to the NHICC soon.

Steve don’t be hasty on that decision.
There are talks in the works and will be meetings with the CSA in September.

Not a hasty decision at all. I’m one of those analytical types who likes to gather all available information. You should see me try and decide on what cell phone or computer to buy :slight_smile: