Bill Mullen Has Done It Again!

It’s not a big deal to us. Many states down here create and adopt their own standards of practice… and they really are never too far from

I don’t expect CSA’s to veer too far from InterNACHI’s either.

Yes I would agree! What a mess now too for CSA to clean up if they decide to put some elbow grease into it.
Ontario was targeted for Licenses before and even with the encouragement of CREA.
Now what do we have! No licenses and no cohesion within the Home Inspection Industry. Plus one 2 year “Home Inspection Technician Diploma” Endorsed by you know who that the students come out and still need to get CERTIFIED by some organization or Association.
For what reason since anyone can still strap a ladder on the truck and way they go to Inspect for the Real Estate Agent. If the Real Estate Agents are happy with them because house sales are up they are set for life, until that fateful day when they are dragged into court. NICE!

I admire the self-restraint of Mr. Gromicko. If I would own this message board - no one would be allowed to post propaganda which is not in my interest.

These illusionary dreamers have not even managed to create their own effective communication platform to spread their gospel that only *NHICC *approved “*National Home Inspectors” *will shortly be able to provide the services consumers can trust.

Even though it is predictable that their latest attempt to create a “National Accreditation” will fail again, their premature and self-serving announcements do more harm than good to all home inspectors in the interim.

It would be more constructive to finally recognize that the unfortunate problems developed within the Canadian Home Inspection Industry can simply not be solved by inept volunteers or dilettantes.

Rudolf Reusse - Home Inspector since 1976 - Retired.


When someone becomes a licensed electrician, they have had 25-30+ weeks of formal academic training + 8-10,000 hours of field work, supposedly with supervision.

When someone gets a law degree after 6-7 years of university study, they must “article” for a law firm for about a year and then must pass the “bar” exam.

After 7-12 years of study, future doctors still must go through a “residency” period before they can practice on their own.

What makes you think that a Home Inspector whose report information will play a major part of the buyer’s decision to spend $100,000-1 million+ should not go through as rigorous a training and certification process? Get real!

Correct! Governments and the industry must get together to provide a nationally recognized HI certiification standard/program with a very high set of requirements. Since there have been no regulations in most of the country, becoming an HI was often a very cheap and easy process often with no assurance to customers on the validity of the inspection. Everyone now expects it to continue to be “cheap and easy”; like everything else in life is “cheap and easy”. Give your head a shake!

A side note:
A few weeks back, I was on my cell in Tim Hortons and was overheard by a CBC reporter. After I was done my call, she approached me about some concerns she had about her own home.

A few minutes into what was to become a 45 minute conversation, I mentioned that there were NO regulations for home inspection in my province. Her face showed utter disbelief that there could be no regulation of home inspectors. By the end of our conversation, after I exposed the dirty underbelly of the HI industry, she was aghast with disbelief. This is my usual reaction when this industry is explained to the person on the street.

BTW- my business is up 30% this year.

If you wish to have any credibility to your posts, why not identify yourself and your location? Anonymity discloses a lack of confidence! 30% of zero is still zero!

So what you fail to realize Mr. Hi is to be a Doctor you do not work as a Doctor until you become one. As a Home Inspector you do work to become one as there is no School Including the one that was just offered to become a Home Inspector. You still need years of Inspecting behind your belt before you should be able to call yourself CERTIFIED or REGISTERED. One here is doing Home Inspections but all he is is an Associate.
So how does he become a Professional in his field?
By doing Inspections under a Mentor. Approximately 25 This is what is being done in Alberta and is what is needed here in Ontario. CSA will only make sure that everyone follows the same set of rules or codes
Here is an example:
Natural Gas and Propane Installation code says.
All work must be done in a skillful, thorough manner. Careful attention shall be paid not only to the mechanical execution of the work but also to the arrangement of the Installation.
Personnel performing the installation, operation and maintenance work shall be properly trained.

No lots of confidence! I do not market to realtors-PERIOD. A website and Yellow Pages ad are what I use. I estimate that 50+% of my work is referral from satisfied customers.

Only 2 realtors, a young husband-wife team, recommend me regularly whenever they can. She grew up working on-site with her contractor/father during summers so she understands why my inspections are truly thorough and accurate.

About 8 weeks ago she asked me to inspect an investment house that she would rent out for a year or so, then renovate, live in, re-sell when she wanted a new home. I was asked to inspect only certain items only as “Dad” had already gone through the house. Dad missed about 5-6 grand of rot in an exterior wall and also missed that although there was lots of new wiring, most would have to be re-worked as it was not profressionally done, hence another 15K was knocked off the price.

No, lots of confidence!

Good for you Brian. Glad to hear you are doing well.


What is the Canadian Training / Licensing Requirement for the Builder and Each of Individuals that Built the Home??

Where is that requirement published in Canada?
is that required of all Tradesman / Craftsman?

Every province has different requirements but in Ontario for example, electrician requires a five years apprenticeship.

Below copied from:

How long is an electrical apprenticeship?
Under the Trades Qualification and Apprenticeship Act an electrical apprenticeship is 9000 hours (approximately five years).

Same for Plumbers:

*To become a plumber in Ontario you must do one of the following:

  • Complete a five-year apprenticeship (approximately 9,000 hours, including 720 hours of post-secondary in-school training).*

Same for HVAC:

Thanks Mr. Gratton for posting the requirements for some trades in my home province.

Most provinces have similar requirements for these trades. With the similar requiremements, it enables their trades to eventuaqlly become “RED SEAL” seal certified. RED SEAL is recognized across Canada and allows those with the certification to move/work in all areas without having to jump through hoops at each border.

Once the CSA program is up and running and all provinces/territories get their poop together with good regulations and high requirements, any certified HI can work anywhere without having to join an association. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

The Red Seal Program has been around for some time and some Inspector Associations, like PHPIC use it as a benchmark in their inspector evaluation process.

How is it…?

Builders / Contractors
that have after a 5 Year Apprenticeship…
720 Hours of Formal Education…
Minimum of 9000 Hours working…

And Assuming that Municipal Inspectors are equally Involved in the Building Construction and Permitting Process…

That problematic homes are discovered by Home Inspectors that Lack Education and Training (as suggested by the “Pro” HI Organizations in Canada)


Do It Yourselfers
I bet:shock:

So problems only exist in Pre-Owned Homes (subject to Homeowner repairs)
and New Construction completed by
Highly Educated, Trained and Apprenticed Contractors and Inspected by Municipal Inspectors equally Trained are “Perfect”

Good to know…

Yes it does… because wherever legislation is adopted that no longer requires any one particular association membership… guess which association they join? :smiley:

… and for good reasons:

You are giving up the tapes…
ASHI & NAHI never understood our Licensing Approach…
Sustained revenue is not made on a silly test (NHIE)…
Revenue is generated on Continuing Education…

They are suffering from Membership Loss now…

I’m a member of a few inspector associations and NACHI is a country mile ahead of anyone as far as Continuing Education goes.