Protecto Wrap

Anyone have advice on this application? Protecto wrap at the chimney in place of metal flashing.


Recommend a qualified contractor to review and estimate repairs

Looks like it as meant as a detterant behind the siding and not meant as a permanent chimney flash. have never seen it before though.

That looks ugly on that chimney. Plus I can’t see how it transitions from chimney to roof.

*It does not look like the [FONT=Century Gothic][size=4]**Self-Adhering Foil-FacedMembrane Flashing *[FONT=Verdana][size=2]described in the following link.[FONT=Century Gothic][size=4][/size][/size][/FONT]

Agree with you Larry, just don’t see how that could be considered permanent.

Post this over here, I’m sure Carl and the rest would find it interesting.

To me it looks to be nothing more than a moisture barrier.

It’s definitely not complete.

My advice is that it’s wrong.

Just call the 800 number on the product for proof.

No clue what’s up with this. And why would there be siding going up around, and over the chimney? :roll: