Black Friday Wheelin' and Dealin'

Who ventured out (or online) to get “deals” (for your business, or not) and what did you get.

No, I did not go out and join the lunatics. LOL!

We made that mistake unknowingly earlier in our marriage and were stunned and then remembered what day it was and sat on a bench in one of the malls and watched people for a while chuckling, until we tired of that. Then grabbed a bite to eat at an out of the way restaurant and commenced to our home nest.


Snow storm here, sittin’ back in the warmth, having a coffee! :slight_smile:

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No insanity for us. Enjoyed the day with my bride. Made breakfast, took a long walk back in our woods, watched some game shows on TV and now getting ready for some Thanksgiving leftovers.:poultry_leg:


Junior and Joseph are my speed…:smile:

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I drive a tour bus, so I’m just sitting on the bus scanning some tool deals, but not finding much. I did go to tractor supply and buy 3 new flashlights on clearance lol.

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Welcome, Peter, to our forum.

It sounds like you got something you were needing. I’m happy for you. :smile:

I am afraid to go online and be trampled by the crowds. LOL!


LOL! Robert…:joy:

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We went to Lowe’s and my wife picked up a Bosch variable speed palm router for my Christmas gift. She was nice enough to pay for it with my Lowe’s card.


Aren’t wives great?

And the gift sounds nice. :smile:

I’ve had my larger Craftsman router for 20 years and am just thrilled at how much easier these new small ones are to adjust and use.

Great, David! :smile:

So you do woodworking, laminate, etc., too?

We get all the sales stuff in my neck of the woods ( Ontario) for the black Friday deals. Save 80% save 70% well. I stayed home and saved 100%


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Last thing I made, just recently, was a set of cubbies for our church nursery to put diaper bags in. I used maple plywood with edge banding and used rabbets for every joint so it would be extra sturdy. Stained it gray like the ladies wanted and put wheels on the bottom.

You and me both, Doug. :smile:

Cool! Now there’s a man with a big heart. :smile:

Edit: I used to have a shop and made all sorts of things…solid hickory roll top desk, rocking giraffe, walnut inlayed on fir mirror frame, and all sorts of things It was fun to put some jazz or classical music on the headset and work in the shop.

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I like that kind of work. It’s non-stressful🙂 I learned from my father who had made roll-top desks, etc. I would do more but I don’t have the space.

Gotcha, and I would do more but I sold my large equipment, except a small table saw, router, circular saw and various other sundry items to use occasionally. And my interests have changed out of necessity, after my daughter passed away this year from Diabetic Ketosis. Now I have grand-daughters that need me and my bride.

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I was trying to find and deals on Flir E5 Infared but no luck…

Steven, I don’t know what you intend to use it for but if you take a Level I class from Infraspection or Flir, you might find that you will be happier with more resolution…like a minimum of 320 x 240. JMHO

Back about 16 years ago, I bought a lower resolution imager then took the Infrared for Building Sciences class and the level I class and immediately returned the imager for a 17,000.00 B-400 320 x 240 with the high temp option on it. It made me lots of until about4 years ago when I sold it. The prices have come way down from that nowadays. Good luck in your venture. :smile: