Black Friday

Anyone waiting on a Black Friday deal for their business? List them here please. I’d like to know.

I’m looking for Quick Books 2013.
If anyone finds a deal please let me know.

Galaxy Android Camera.

Going to change my entire reporting method based around it.

Which version, and PC or Mac?

PC, windows 7

I am staying home and hiding in a closet hopeing the wife does not spend all my money at least in one store:(

Me too Quick books 2013 for pc Thanks

Looks like your favorite carrier AT&T has first dibs.

Yeah that sucks but only need Wi fi after suffering through Sprint since April we now have 4G LTE service popping up all over the place unannounced.

I have no need for AT@T cell service.Still would rather pay $500 than get the $329 Nikon with 2.2 Android at Best Buy and poor optical.

Went to the store toady but shipment not in yet.

Best deal at the moment for Quickbooks 2013 **Pro **or **Premier **versions… 20% Off

All this talk of quick books do not any of you use the free version ?
I see Go Daddy is advertising a free program as well now.

Staples has it for 179

I saw that and bought it today.

Take a look at Good, simple bookkeeping software.

Take a look at Simple, affordable and easy to use.

Go to and type in the search box what you are looking for and they will give you a list of all of the stores that have sales on them and their prices.

Bob, I am using the Asus Transformer 701 (10.1" tablet) which comes standard with a 8mb camera and zoom. Battery life is 9hrs, if you add the transformer keybaord it extends battery life to 14 hrs. I know its larger than the Samsung but it also has 64G of memory which can be expanded by another 64G with the micro SD and a furthere 64 G with the regulare SD card in the keybaord. Great piece of machinery.

Huh ?
No you do not have zoom.
The Galaxy has 21x optical zoom and no tablet has zoom (only digital) which means (crop).

The camera is the exact screen as the Galaxy phone and will clip to my belt.
I have no desire to use a tablet when I already have a real computer that small.(ctl go)

Todays phones at 5 inches make tablets not needed. IMO