Black Polybutylene?

I ran into my first “black” PB today. 1976 trailer with 1/2" supply lines labeled ASTM D3309. Is this susceptible to the same concerns as gray PB?

I’ve only seen black service lines from the street. Did it have PB2110 on it? If so, than yes, same stuff.

Curious… just how long do you expect plastic supply pipe to last anyway? Even copper and galvanized typically have issues after 37 years. Just sayin.

Copper pipes don’t have $1,000,000,000 worth of class action lawsuites against it either.

I wish I didn’t have to call it out.

From Google:
ATSM Standards Worldwide
Withdrawn Standard: ASTM D3309-96a(2002) Standard Specification for Polybutylene (PB) Plastic Hot- and Cold-Water Distribution Systems (Withdrawn 2010)

YOU sure its not poly-ethylene??? there is a difference.
They still sell black poly at home depot for supply line. I have black poly in my house for supply line. IF the trailer was 76 its problaby the other poly, which does get brittle over time. I know of very little if any with polybute in 76.

Here’s a photo of it. Does this change any thoughts? I put it down as PB.