Black widow in the gutter

I usually wear gloves when going on the roof because the shingles are so hot from being in the TX sun. I’m glad I wore them yesterday too.

I was looking at a steep section from the ladder and saw this black widow just to my right in the gutter. It must have been a high-class spider since it was a $500k+ house in a gated community.

I’ve never seen a widow on a roof, but it’s obvious we need some rain. The homeowner was glad I pointed that out, to say the least.

Glad I live in Maine John.
Did you point out since there is no rain diverter that the Black Widow will be drowned or washed out when it does rain?:);):mrgreen:

Yes, but it could be weeks before it rains. I like Maine too but its nice not to have to worry about hitting a moose on the drive home at night.

Can’t say I have ever seen one on a roof either they usually like the dark. Had one pop out of a hose bib the other day and made me jump. I hate spiders.

They are big enough to see, that is for sure. Got to kill the lights when you see one once you stop. They attack the lights.

Last year at the ship yard, a shipment came from Mexico and they infested the whole yard with Black Widows. They caught and killed about twenty of them.
Luckily for Winter here, any others did not survive. :slight_smile:

I see Black widows almost daily , Got bitten twice last year same day. I hate all spiders. Lived in the north most my life came close hitting moose too and a bear. Marcel is right at least you can see them . Oh yeah did i mention brown recluse, Possum, and snakes My favorites too . lolol. I think they should band all crawl spaces in the south.

Oh yeah did i mention brown recluse, Possum, and snakes My favorites too

Good morning Wayne, do you also eat those down there?:):mrgreen::wink:

LOL Nope possum is rat . How ever the old girl beside me offered to cook one , said they ate them when they were younger . But again they have the road kill law here too. you can pick it up to cook .gezzz.

No thank you, I can do without. :slight_smile:

There’s just not much meat on a possum. Hardly enough even for one pie, unless it’s a real small one.

Driving up Boulder Canyon beside the stream I happened on to a deer that had just had its hindquarters shattered by a car. I thought I might as well take it home to eat. You know, it’s pretty hard to kill a deer using just a rock. Not that easy with a dull knife either.

Now that’s road kill to bring home Kenton.
Happy you are back safe.

Is the diverter OK. Looks like water may penetrate the surrounding materials.
The starter course of shingles is most suspect .

Now this is a better version of Possum Pie for me.

Those bitches are constantly trying to nest on my pool screen enclosure. The Inside, of course. Funny how I never find them on the Outside…

Kill, KIll, KIll!:twisted:

I’d rather see a kickout flashing then a black widow in that location.

Right Marcel, possum pie with no possum in it at all. Which is just as well, because it takes 3 possums just to get enough possum meat for a possum pie with no possum in it.

I think this is totally impossumble.

Marcel, if a true valley is at a 17 degree slope, what would be the pitch (or slope in degrees) of the common rafters?

Not quite sure what you are asking Kenton.

But, a hip or valley travel 17" in 12 compared to a common rafter that travels 12".
In a 4/12 pitch roof, the common rafter travels at a pitch of 18 &1/2 degrees.
The valley or hip traveled 17" to keep up with it. So at the same rise per 17", it traveled at 13.25 degrees or 13 degrees rounded off.

If you notice, for every inch of rise that it changes, increase of slope changes by 3 degrees.

Not sure if this is what you were talking about.


Go here for a better explanation and the answer.

Me thinks you have steep competition Marcel…
Christopher did a excellent job with his illustration.

(2) Two Dimensional layout illustrations allow one’s mind to envision a readily excisable conclusion to an question.

Much appreciate all.
Thank you Kenton, Marcel and Mr. Currins.

PS: I have come to expect “nothing less” from ether of you 3 gentlemen.
A pleasure many here enjoy.