Blank CD Disc

Any bulk CD disc in bulk and were did you get them. I put each inspections pictures on a disc for storage.

Are you giving these to your clients? I only ask because there are some nice looking CD’s that would be good to give out, and then there are the cheapies!

No. For my files.

Ok, that’s easy then. You want to visit your local Costco, or just go to (my favorite place for the best deals).

For CD-R check out for 100 pack for $16

For DVD-R check out for 100 pack for $24

1 inspection per CD? That isn’t very much. I usually put a months inspections on a CD, that includes the reports, pest reports and all photos. One copy in my safe, one copy in my safe deposit box at the bank and one copy in a separate folder on my desktop computer. I have found it is worth my time to stop by the local BestBuy everytime I drive by. They have specials sometimes. I have walked out with 300 CD’s for $5 after rebates. I like rebates.


I put a month or 2 months inspections on a disc. I put the pics in a package with the report, inspection agreement copy of check, etc,. Just in case i need them. Like paperwork, report, pics, from Porter Inspection

I have an Epson that will print on the face of the cd’s using an inkjet printable CD. Looks nice to include with the report to the client.