Blank pages?

Is there a way to eliminate all the huge blank areas in a report? A print option?

I suggest that you change the page breaks in the print option. Also the print format you used has some effect (HTML vs PDF)

If you’re referring to printing, it’s been a pet peeve of mine with HG for more than a decade. The report will never print the way in appears on screen, in sharp contrast to any other software program (Word, PowerPoint, etc.)

No matter what settings you change or adjust, the blank space and empty “nothingness” will simply condense a little and move around the report. You can’t eliminate it completely.

I just printed a report for an elderly client that has no email or a computer; the printed report is almost embarrassing with all that “blankness”.


Yes, the html looks great. But the pdf seems bloated with all the blank space.

Page breaks help, try setting all pictures to small. That has helped me more in reducing the vastness of the blankness.

Is the page break a print option? Where is the picture size option?

We have some generalized advice on our support website on how to help reduce empty space in printed reports.

I changed my default pictures to small and eliminated the page breaks. I’ll see if that helps.

The small pictures may change your report/client objectives.
I like the larger photos, especially for areas the client will never see first hand (attic, roof, crawl. etc.).


I’ll print one out and see how it looks. It was fine in HTML.

I have to admit, I like the medium better. However, in HTML you can see enlarged versions.

I just had the opportunity to see a report that was done by a local inspector using HG.
About 116 pages. The pictures were each taking one page. Every other page was blank. I was not impressed.

That’s a reflection of the inspector, not the software.

Like this?

And this?

I know what you mean. :slight_smile:

You definitely need to do some playing around with your template settings. I’ve never had a HomeGauge report look anything like that.

I often get too much white space, like everyone else, but never that bad.

I will admit the PDF print out version needs LOTS of work.

That’s David’s report. I don’t know what software he uses.

LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Gotcha. If nothing else it should make you feel better about yours. :smiley:

What picture ratio are u using? I switched to 16 × 9 to reduce the printed length.

All I see for options are small. medium, and large. No ratio