Best report look ever

Seriously this is an amazing looking report template guys.
Jeff Kloetstra you did one hell of a job.

I have to agree with you. I love the whole Horizon feel. if that could be a standard template with hip, I’d be all over it

Same here. I really like the look.

Jeff’s using our digital stationery feature for a fully customized look. Looks great Jeff!

Seriously Bob? Too many colors on the headers. And the blue brick (?) is not very attractive. It looks clownish to me.

Too busy for me. I like a clean cut look. How do you eliminate the large page breaks, areas in the report where there is almost or over half a page blank?

It is not about your designer sense of color but about how he altered the template.You are not an HIP user and could never recreate anything like that with HG for example.
It shows how endless possibilities are .
Now go create a bunch of PDF embedded videos …oh that’s right you can’t.

Jeff I honestly had no idea you could use stationary to individualize pages like with your section headers.

Stayed away from creating any because I figured they were all the same every page .

He’s using the document feature for the header images.

Report Settings - Options. Enable Print in Continuous Mode.

They’re both great software, each with its own limitations. The top two in my opinion because of each always pushing the envelope.

I totally agree. Competition is great for the industry! It also helps separate out the softwares that continue to innovate and support their users.

Agree, I don’t like the writing on the sides

I like the cover.

I’m not a fan of using 101 different colors in the body though.

Dom, do you have any job aid on how to use the document feature for headers?

There’s a help article on our message boards. We are in the process of redesigning the document editor. It’s needed more power for a long time.

Thank you all for both the suggestions and encouragements. I am still working the design.

I did not know that Bob posted this here, I was hoping to get feed back from the HIPpies on Dom Forum. Again I just testing this out.

Again I am very flattered by the comments.

Actually, not using continuous mode. I have about 20 tabs under each menu, therefore they will print without page breaks.

Clownish? Happy Clown or Sad Clown or Scary Clowns that live the sewer?

Seriously though, the sections are coloured for easy reference, do I love the colour purple? No but at least when I say purple you can find it.

Is blue brick clownish or the headers or just the entire report?

It has been suggested before that I remove the grey side text.