Block basement walls, leak

Folks, geeeeeeezuz, lol, many of YOU are getting lied to about your wet, leaky basement and quite likely why some of you have some mold and-or efflorescence on some of the inside blocks.
When MOST of you see water come in your basements along the bottom of basement wall, basement floor as in first photo below, it’s actually FIRST entering the block wall through 1 or more exterior cracks or cracked parging etc
Do you see the water stains?

Here is the home

Here’s a couple photos of what the inside basement wall looks like at-near back corner
Some will get some mold or efflorescence on some of the interior blocks and some don’t.
REMEMBER this photo fer a tad will ya and umm, compare what you see HERE to outside-photos below.


Here’s photos of the exterior…

Underground tree root, they can cause exterior cracks, cracked parging or cause existing cracks to widen

Photo’s of many of the exterior cracks etc which IS WHY this basement (and most), leak. It’s where the water FIRST gets into the block wall. These are existing defects, just like if someone was selling their house and had 1+ holes etc on their ROOF.
Umm REMEMBER that inside photo…huh?
You might see a crack+ on INSIDE WALL and umm then again, you may not.
POINT IS, lolol, inspecting aka eyeballing a block basement wall from inside of a basement does not mean your getting the ENTIRE picture, got dat?

Countless times Bubbamilk has gone over to peoples homes for estimate who have similar thin cracks inside, or NO visible cracks inside on wall where they leak, yet have been told by others to raise and slope the grade, crap like that. Well OBVIOUSLY, they’re not getting ALL duh facts! Most of these people do have exterior cracks etc, UH HUH.

Quite a few homeowners only leak, only get water in basement, in 1 area, like a corner or near middle of basement wall. So as always, you need to find, locate, correctly identify WHY/where that water FIRST enters, NOT where it winds up. If you just have 1 exterior crack or cracked parging then all you need is to fix/waterproof that small area!

Say again, most will see the water come in at–along the bottom of the basement wall, where the basement FLOOR meets the bottom of wall.
This does NOT at all mean you have what a lot of interior system companies try and tell you which is usually something like, you have a supposed hydrostatic pressure problem under the basement floor.

Most of you either have a crack, cracked parging as in the photos posted, brick walls too or if you have poured walls, you might have a crack in the wall or you just have 1+ open, leaky rod holes, that’s no chtt. Quite a few with poured walls ONLY have 1 or more leaky rod holes. Some get water in due to a gap/crevice where the gas line passes through the basement wall.

Some get water in due to 1+ exterior openings etc ABOVE ground level, above the top of basement wall. Others may have a blockage/clog etc in their lateral line/clean out and may simply need a plumber to snake the line!

I’m trying to explain to ya’s that at–least MOST of you do NOT need any interior drainage system in your basements!!!

Let’s see…we have the Detroit River, Lake St clair etc etc around these parts and yet Bubba has never installed one interior drainage system in 36 years, no complaints…hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Done many jobs for homeowners who live right-on the water/Lake etc or very close to 'em. High water table huh, pfft!

If you called 1 or more companies for an estimate on your leaky basement who mostly or always, install interior basement systems, they will try and tell you just about anything to sell you the one thing they do!

Homeowner here had 2 different INTERIOR SYSTEM companies sell and install their inside junk, 2 different times, he is out over $15,000 and STILL needs what was ALWAYS needed, exterior waterproofing, sheesh
Has leaked since the inside crap was done, hello!
More mold and efflorescence on some blocks.
Some cracks widening.
WHHHHHHHHere Oh where is that supposed LIFETIME GUARANTEE?

This post goes out to DUH bank and duh potential BUYERS of a leaking basement (block wall) in New Haven MI.
The seller called me, lol. Told me he leaks, one wall. Has horizontal and vertical cracks.

Seller tells my stinky az duh bank and buyers ONLY request that a professional, lol, go to the house and TUCKPOINT the interior cracks seen, lOOLOlOllllllllllllllllll!!!

Tell ya, some pretty intelligent homeowners/others simply do NOT ‘get’ this subject. Doctors, lawyers etc etc etc, yeah, overall your brains are better than Uncle Bubba’s lil peanut brain, but NOT on this subject.

Look at you look at me/Dave Mason