Brick foundation wall, basement leaks, mold etc

Here’s what it looks like inside the basement…

The homeowner has replaced the wood steps at corner 3 times due to the water entering. You would have seen only 1 crack on the INSIDE of foundation wall, you would NOT have seen openings around the gas line, water line and all the cracked deteriorated parging but it sure as hlll exists on the outside now, doesn’t it.

Outside, eyeball the cracked, deteriorated parging throughout, especially up high (underground, under the driveway but up high on wall)
Also please note the gas line, the exterior openings around that gas line (the usual), and where the water line goes through the foundation wall, hello! …Go FULL screen on these videos eh

And this is the back corner, see the loose, deteriorated bricks, joints,parging, exterior cracked parging etc… it’s through any of these exterior openings where the water FIRST enters into/through the wall, causing some mold, some efflorescence on inside foundation wall

So, you still think these interior basement system bubbleheads are identifying your problems correctly? And… are they fixing/repairing/waterproofing ANY of them? Nope.

All these nitwit inside system farts are going to COVER part or most of your basement wall with some type of paneling crap, that’s to HIDE n CONCEAL water, mold, efflorescence, cracks widening etc, yep

Why can’t some see n understand you need to STOP the water from entering, from passing into n through brick, block foundation walls. See how water, roots etc crack the exterior parging? Then the parging deteriorates and falls off exposing the brick, block, mortar joints… then THEY begin to deteriorate… and some wanna allow further deterioration of these foundation walls and install a goofy, stupid interior basement system and sump pump? Lost in space baby.

The GHOUL, from Cleveland… BUTTer er margarine? 2:15 … can you dig that football helmet?