Inside a basement, some mold, efflorescence etc

the mold, efflorescence is what most INT system co’s will hide, will cover up, that’s right , they don’t want you to see this - gee i wonder why

the water source that is CAUSING most of this crap on the inside is coming from, THROUGH an exterior crack (s), cracked parging… and possibly some other direct openings into the house/basement

when i take a HOSE and lay it on the ground near the corners, water begins to enter on the basement floor… it enters where the bottom of the basement wall meets the floor – but again, lol it is FIRST ENTERING into cores of the blocks on the outside, through cracks, cracked parging etc.

There is NO, supposed bs sales pitch line, hydrostatic pressure problem under the floor. The salespeople of these INT system co’s use that line of crap and quite a few others to sway you into their water diverting system. The more they confuse you the better for them

sometimes, some blocks will deteriorate, DISINTEGRATE… like this… not good eh so installing ANY TYPE of interior basement drainage system will NOT repair, waterproof anything like this, you NEED to STOP the water from entering

underground TREE ROOT ‘caused’ exterior cracks near this corner, installing ANY interior basement drainage system and sump pump does NOT remove tree roots etc that cause some of these foundation wall cracks and susequent leaks in basement… and mold and efflorescence

see the cheap white crap against the bottom blocks? yes? lolol Many INT system co’s place this garbage against the bottom blocks and sometimes up higher to hide, to conceal existing defects – deteriorated blocks! And hide mold, effloresnce, water etc, yep they sure do.

next few photos are a smidgeon of what the INT system scammers don’t want people to SEE, don’t want buyers to see, don’t want a home inspector to SEE

deteriorated blocks = existing defects all buyers should know before they bid on a friggin house

so again for the nth time, this is one reason WHY interior system co’s will place, attach some sort of plastic or vinyl etc along the bottom blocks, UNDERSTAND? lol They want to hide, conceal these existing problems/defects BUYERS would like to know about

this house like quite a few others had clay soil expanding ‘n contracting against their block wall but aloso underground roots, the first pic/root is just below ground level, 2nd pic as one can see is about 2’ deep under the upper root… this nice combo, clay n roots, causes exterior cracks in foundation walls and then water begins to enter onto basement floor and sometimes this delightful combo will cause some walls to bow in and so AGAIN, NOT removing the cause (s) and not waterproofing the exterior cracks doesn’t do the basement wall any good! hahahaa oh man, installing an interior system and 14 sump pumps does NOT remove any of the causes and doesn’t STOP further water from entering

this IS ‘waterproofing’, unfortunately a handful of HI’s incorrectly say this is damproofing = incompetent morons.

backfill with 90% gravel… no clay, no bricks n other JUNK many builders toss back in against these foundation walls = more morons

the clay soil and roots and bricks and other crap is hauled away

the clay soil and bricks etc impedes the water from A to B, it’ll expand the clay n on heavy, longer rains will saturate the clay creating more lateral pressure against foundation walls

settled slabs… when they settle AGAINST a basement wall the weight of the settled slab not only can push, lean against a wall but it also pushes down on the soil, like when you step on a beach ball, what happens to the stupid beach ball? So more weight/lateral pressure against the foundation wall, can cause cracks, leaks and possibly a wall to bow in

Harper Woods, leaky basement, back left corner

left corner they got water on floor, efflorescence, paint peeling

concrete patio, so you saw-cut the area, the room you need in order to hand dig and waterproof

the TOP of a crack in block wall

cracked exterior parging

that’s right, sometimes the problem is cracked parging

as USUAL, NUTTIN’ wrong with the stupid drain tiles, morons

…hydraulic cement first

then apply a THICK mastic, then visqueen, then backfill with all gravel

was done in 2010… hmmmm, the homeowner has never leaked since we did the lil job, efflorescence etc on inside stopped, hmmmmm interesting isn’t it lol, NO interior system would have STOPPED the water nor stopped further efflorescence and installing that would have cost homeowner much more money!

Hey morons, why didn’t the CONCRETE… STOP the water from entering the basement? hahaa
Such naive foolz

i bet ya, Young and a few others would have recommended to this homeowner to install an interior basement system… what else might weak, sorry incompetent people recommend, hmmmm, maybe they’d tell this homeowner to pour MORE concrete or extend downspot extension from Harper Woods to the Detroit River, maybe slap Drylok on walls too = all negligent, stupid bs from NON experts

The photos, the videos, the facts… go AGAINST what a few weasels here have repeatedly told homeowners to do!!! lololll One reason why they CRY and bitch at dirty old meanie lil waterproofer guy, YEP!!!

Mark, don’t be this guy. Clean up your trenching practices.

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there’s nothing wrong with our trenches but i want to thank you so very much for caring, 42 years says there’s nothing wrong, only you and a handful here don’t care for anything i do n say, much love to ya’s n peace lololll — and Mr T, lookie, if you can lend us your expertise on this subject, maybe you can join us on site, ya know gee, maybe i really am missing something, maybe you can show up on a job or two and show us dirty dummies exactly what you mean, maybe you could pick Bobby up and bring him WIT CHA, or maybe Mr teacher guy Bowers, shtt bring 'em all, we need help man!

Good lord if word got out to some of your clients, the facts that is, that this inspector or that inspector gave a stupid, nimrod, negligent recommendation to them n cost them money, cuz we have seen this happen A LOT.

lollolllll stupid sht, we need on site help man , maybe you could get in the hole and show the old man exactly how its done

You can’t operate a shovel?

apparently nowhere near as good and proooofessional as you


hahahhahahaaa weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Bubba NO NOT what he’s doing, been doing for 4 decades, Bubba needs superior guidance from engineer

i have a more pressing dilema and Q, how does Bubba prevent flatulence?

I don’t know. Can you pull your own finger and find out? LOL

hehehehhe tried that, all Bubba does is burp, wrong ho

Darren, don’t be this engineer/home inspector… moron recommended wall anchors and raising n sloping the grade!!! hahhahahahahhhahaa smfh – negligent


Thanks for the advice. I will make sure I never do that.

Darren, plz don’t be like this home inspector… recommended an INT system!!! hahahahaaaa




homeowner is out BIG green, still needs what they have always needed, exterior waterproofing to STOP the water!!! smfh

another home inspector screw up… don’t let this happen to you ok? lol Gee whizzYYY, another INT drainage system n sump pump that didn’t fix squat, imagine that! I like MOLD, do you like mold?





the many thousands of $$ spent on the piece of junk INT system should have gone to pay for exterior waterproofing!! Both homeowners LOST thousands on the INT stupid negligent system and then had to pay for exterior waterproofing smmmmmmfhhhhhh unreal isn’t it hahahhaa

raisiiiieeeeee and SLOPEyyyyyyyy the gradeeeeeee, right? Well what happened?








some tasty clay soil, WHO thought it was a good idea to backfill with clay? Do most engineers understand this is NOT a good idea, gee



what, the GRADE isn’t sloped ENOUGH? hahahhaaaa yeah okay