Seller lied, HI missed existing problems, mold-efflorescence block basement wall

'n homeowners got a bid from and almost hired Foundation Systems of Mich ](*,)
Lets take a look, shall we…:mrgreen:

Photos 1–5 inside basement wall, what ya see?
Hmm, well my dumb az saw a block wall that was painted, that has some mold and efflorescence on blocks and 1 visible hairline vertical crack but knew there were MORE exterior cracks/problems where water was entering,was getting into hollow blocks in this area and explained to homeowner they may have more/others exterior cracks on front or side wall,yeppers.

Umm, in Mich anyone can still hand a sign, advertise they are an HI, that they are the best HI, and whatever other shtt enters their melon. People here need to find-hire Nachi HI’s like Mr Kage, Bazzo etc

Ok well photos 1–5, how could anyone miss these signs of a leaky basement, ut wait a minute, we know why eh #-o

The portion of basement wall ya see inside is what was hand dug outside…
photo 6…between front porch and left/east corner.

Photos 7–10 ummm, the GRADE was raised…3 bricks high…hmmm.
Lets see/recap quick, so far, seller painted the inside basement wall and raised the grade…a cheap prayer in hopes of slowing down or, in his mind, stop water from entering…and did NOT disclose any basement problem,leak,existing defects :-k

By the way, added soil INCREASES the pressure/weight acting upon-against a basement wall, can-could cause damage/cracks to wall.

But too many have this idea, this prayer that somehow,magically…adding and sloping soil solves most leaky basements…NOT! Jesus, the way to solve ANY leaky basement is to FIRST, find-identify the actual problem(s) and then ummmm, fix it!

9 and 10 You should be able to see some efflorescence on some bricks were duh grade was raised against…unprotected bricks/joints #-o

Photo 12 dump truck down for the week, biaatch! :mrgreen:

Photo 13 open deteriorated mortar…wide open eh. They were more of these, only have so many pics.

Photos 14–17 this is the crack that is visble inside basement](,)](,)](*,)
But seller knows nothing and home inspector didn’t see or didn’t give a sht!
Recommended to homeowner to contact HI and let him have hit, send pics etc and get refund…sure did. Doesn’t make me happy.

Have a feeling the home inspector said/thought the raised grade was all that was needed and seller likely added some sort of bulshttt like, oh we haven’t seen any water since raising the dumb az grade, complete bulshtt. The first decent rains after buyers moved in the dang thing leaked. C’MON!

18–20 the old gas line ho…was sort-of patched with concrete, thin and was open at bottom of hole.

21–23 a horizontal crack that runs almost to corner and also runs/goes under thr front porch…ut oh. If you look at the photos of block wall INSIDE, do you see a horizontal crack??? Nope. BUTT…:mrgreen: there most certainly is a decent sized horizontal crack on the outside of block wall.

So again, lolololol, just because someone, an HI or city inspector or structural engineer or inside system salesazz doesn’t see any crack INSIDE…does NOT AT ALL mean there aren’t 1+ cracks on the outside of the wall,

That horizontal widens a bit as it goes under duh porch…could be the clay alone acting upon the wall PLUS the middle of the wall doesn’t have that little added support as corners do. Could also be a little help from porch-footing…and so on.

As for Foundation Systems of MI or ANY OTHER inside TERD, there’s NO way you bubbleheads could repair these cracks etc and stop further water from entering them and your inside crrrap also does NOT reduce,lessen the weight-lateral soil pressure against a basement wall.

Will gladly go to court for the buyers or anyone else who got lied to, misled,scccccrwed.
What if YOU were the buyers here, would you just shut yer pie hole and do nothing,take it up the gaser and just say, ooohhhhh,feels good, thank you very much. Bubba doesn’t think so.

Buh bye now

lololllll, more bullllllll, OH Henri! #-o

Duh ummm, homeowner says they have water seeping in at 1 corner, what ta do?He recommends…check the GRADING, lolOlOlOllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

If he was an expert on this subject he’d recommend to find-identify-locate how/where the dumb az water is first getting in!@!@!!!
Might need to run a water test but ya don’t, ‘check the grade’ ](,)](,)](*,)

Bubba has leaky toilet, Bubba checked the grade of the floor, nope…that’s not it.

Bubba has leaky roof, Bubba checked the pitch-grade of duh roof, nope…that’s not it!

Bubba has leaky window, Bubba checked the slope of duh winder, nope not it.

Bubba has leaky boat, Bubba checked the grade of duh lake lolol nope, not it.

Bubba has leaky car, water comes in through duh roof, Bubba checked grade of roof, nope.

Bubba’s mistress has leaky crack, Bubba checked the grade of duh crack, nope…not it.

Who wants to hold duh level to make sure duh grade is sloped real good?

This is exactly why we need laws licensing home owners