Leaky basement, some mold, efflorescence deteriorated blocks, spalling

and yet some think leaky basements are all due to improper GRADING = weak, incompetent BS

eyeball the exterior problems which is where the stupid water is getting in the stupid basement, built in the '60’s

another view of deteriorated blocks, what? Leave them open, allow further water in and more deterioration and install a moronic interior basement drainage system? Shhhhhhhhhhhht!

by DUH way, the homeowners already tried raising n sloping the dumb grade pffft

inside view of basement

inside basement

What does your building code state about cracks, breaks, holes in foundation walls? Hmm well it doesn’t say leave the mfrs open ya pinhead lol

The homeowners received several OTHER estimates, all interior drainage system co’s… they wanted $20,000 to $40,000+ and they would not have removed the T roots, rock hard soil OFF the failing bowed in walls (2), would not have stopped further deterioration and not stopped the damn water from entering === smfh

And grading = wtf!! lololll
How would a submarine take on water?
Are there drain tiles around submarines?
Does the grade, slope of the ocean-waves cause a sub to sink… huh? lol smfh

What about Titanic… if Titanic had DRAIN TILES inside and outside DUH ship would the tiles have saved it?