Blocked Weep Holes

I have inspected 81 units in a retirement village and found that 65% of all the weep holes are blocked, painted over or obstructed. The facility maintenance manager has asked for a protocol for his team to address this. Could you perhaps provide me with your insights? Note that all the structures are brick and mortar and have weep holes just above the DPC approx 1m apart. So any aggressive approach could damage the DPC . Thanks in advance

Explain DPC, and pictures would help.

Yes, I don’t understand DPC either, and pics would help.

I hope you can view this video. DPC stands for damp proof course. This is a layer of plastic between the foundation and wall.

Martin, the ones that you showed us appeared mostly open.

What are they obstructed with besides paint?

It may be a matter of cutting and digging the paint and obstructions out. That is a lot of weep holes.

I suppose a power washer is out, even at an angle so as not to enter the hole fully?

I guess I would have to be there.

Does the owner realize that the weep hole will have to be plugged somehow the next time it is painted?

Do the painters? :sunglasses:

Touché, my good man.