Whats wrong here????

Side by Side Pics of the Same wall I have never observed anyone mortaring in the weep holes before.

Hi. Charley;

The title says whats wrong here???

Wet Brick

Unprimed and painted trim

Buried brick

Blocked weep holes

Unsealed pipe that is 8 degrees warmer, why?

Unflashed foundation ledge or slab suseptable to interior leakage

Poor tooling of the brick masonry

Just a few things I noticed. :mrgreen:

Did I forget any? ha. ha.

Amazing camera, just don’t know what it means.

Marcel:) :slight_smile: :wink:

A lot of homeowners will fill in the weep holes because they have no idea what they are for. They think they are keeping pests out by doing it.

That’s for sure…

Hey. Patrick. how’s life in Maryland?..good I hope!:smiley:

Tell them to get the sprinkler off the wall??

Thats what I thought when I first observed the discoloration but it was not sprinklers. It was completely dry the home has been vacant for some time.

Life is good, it took a while to settle in. I’m not inspecting at the moment. Our family situation hasn’t allowed me enough time to get things going. Plus the market was real slooooow when we moved here last summer.

Maybe it looks like this one behind the brick !


Is there a window in the wall or maybe a kickout diverter missing at the roof line?

It is NOT showing up on the IR as being wet!

What is on the brick? It should be dark blue from the evaporative cooling if it were wet.\

Send me the radiometric scan file (not a pic).

Someone waterproofed the bottom?

Maybe they acid washed it to get mud stain off at some pointe and it changed the color of the brick?