Blogging Increases Website Traffic for Home Inspectors

Blogging for inspection businesses increases the number of pages on your inspection company website, thereby expanding its online presence and providing more avenues for potential clients to find you. One study found that businesses that blog have 55% more website visitors than those that don’t.

The more website traffic you get, the more you’ll reach potential clients who will likely schedule an inspection or fill out a contact form to stay in touch.

Consider, a Wix website designed by InterNACHI’s Official Vendor for website designs (, as an example. When looking through the business’s Wix Analytics, we noticed two blog posts that people read one after another.

After taking a closer look, we understood why—it has to do with related information. Wix suggests that it helps visitors uncover more relevant content by selecting and connecting associated posts in the blog. This will keep visitors on the website even more. And that’s a goal designed for this inspector website.

Make sure you choose an inspector website design company that provides you with website analytics so that your website is designed to convert website visitors into scheduled clients.

This information is provided by INTERNACHI’S OFFICIAL VENDOR FOR INSPECTOR WEBSITES ( uses Wix to build custom websites for InterNACHI® inspectors so they can easily manage their online businesses, including blogs.

We just learned about blogging to increase traffic. In our next article, we’ll learn how blogging can drive conversions.

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