Blogging Reinforces a Home Inspector’s Brand

A blog gives a home inspector almost unlimited space to deepen the inspector’s brand identity. Your brand is the answer to the question, “What makes you different from all the rest?”

Consider, a Wix website designed by InterNACHI’s Official Vendor for website designs (, as an example.

  • Big Ben Inspection’s brand features infrared thermal imaging on every home inspection.
  • Big Ben Inspections uses its blog to communicate the special equipment they use that not every inspector uses during a typical home inspection.

With blog articles like Infrared Thermography, the inspection company shows that it can create content that explains how the company uses infrared cameras and moisture meters during its home inspections and reinforces its brand.

infrared blogging reinforces brand home inspector website builder

Make sure you choose an inspector website design company that includes a blog that will help you strengthen your inspection company’s brand.

This information is provided by INTERNACHI’S OFFICIAL VENDOR FOR INSPECTOR WEBSITE DESIGN ( uses Wix to build custom websites with blogs for InterNACHI® inspectors so they can easily manage their online businesses.

We just learned about how blogging reinforces your brand. In our next article, we’ll learn how blogging helps to differentiate yourself from your competition.

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