Blue insulation

Inspected an older home, lots of Handyman repairs/updates going on.
This blue “insulation” was rolled all over in attic. Is anyone familiar with what type/use of this insulation. Was a light blue in color with a satiny white material covering. I have been unable to find out any information regarding. Photo has a raised part of it. Thanks for any information

Looks like fiberglass

It does but is it applicable to this use? Does not to me but obviously not sure.

Blue fiberglass insulation

Nope not it. It is a fiber glass. Bur again is it correct application?

until the specific material is identified esp the outer layer on the blankets for vapor/fire rating
anyone’s just guessing
doubt seriously that whatever it is, is approved for direct exposure & vapor barriers are applied against the living space and shall not be layered/sandwiched