Bogus stuff on the web

I was cruzing the IR web sites this evening.

I just love these trained guys!

  1. You can see mold with an IR Camera.
  2. Your roof should be the same temp at the outdoor air when the sun shines on it, at high noon, in the month of Aug! Missed the cool air to the attic too.
  3. This one is the best!

Whew, dodged another bullet! Thanks Dave I was just getting ready to scrape that site to build my IRT page.

  1. Is not mold that’s definitely a poltergeist, I’ve seen them on TV show :roll:
  2. Can’t make out the image so I’ll trust your judgment again, based on their description :frowning:
  3. Some in this market are giving it away…top that…'nuff said :frowning:

This reminds me of some of the conclusions I’ve seen posted here :wink:

Another 5 years or less and IRT for HI will be like the days when computers and photos were introduced. One does it and almost everyone else has to. Only thing is the first to give it away only hurts the industry. Commercial-industrial markets is where the $$$ is going to linger until some dope HI enters that arena, $200 per hour today, min. wage in the near future…:frowning:

Wow, now we can detect Mold with our IR cameras…Awesome.

It’s simply amazing what IR inspectors will advertise to get business.

How about my infamous image (that I designed) of superman who can see through walls with the IR camera.

Just more proof that an IR camera in the hands of an “untrained” inspector is dangerous.

The proper training is paramount!! Speaking of training, I’m heading up to NJ Sunday night to attend my Level III Certification.

Those looking for training, the Infraspection Institute is top notch!!


David, I never paid attention to that pic you made and what it represented till John M used it in his class! I like that!

Barry, I’m sorry about #2, but I figured as there was nothing but a red roof, it wasn’t worth the fix. The point was in the picture caption. This guy really understands “heat”.

It appears he is an electrician, not a HI.

Have fun in Level III Kevin!