Friendly fire

I don’t post much here but I have to say this can be one of the most unfriendly message boards I’ve ever seen. Even if someone posts a question that some think is stupid or amateur, most of the time the answer is go get trained or some other snide remark.

I really get the impression that SOME (Not all) IR folks and home inspectors are dare I say insecure snobs. It’s like the profession stands head and shoulders above any other technical profession.

If you haven’t taken a course that’s deemed “approved” by the massess you’re some how less of a professional or not really legitimate… not one of the clan.

IR although technical and complex in it’s deeper layers isn’t rocket science. In fact it’s not that hard at all to comprehend and use effectively with a little training and experience even if it’s done all on your own. Does that make you less technical or knowledgeable than someone who has a printed PDF certificate on their wall?

The IR profession seems less about helping and more about marketing products and training. If you don’t buy into the marketing and training you are somehow branded not worthy or illegitimate.

Certification is certianly important but other than at least basic knowledge, what does it really mean? It’s not the Bar exame, it’s not geting an accredited degree in Computer Science, in fact, the rather expensive training is nothing more than a course and a made up certificate than can be done by almost anyone who wants to invest the time, get an ASTM book, build a course and work up a certificate and logo in photoshop.

Training is great of course but in some cases very over rated. You CAN learn on your own. My brother (Test Engineer) did IR among other things for VW for many years. Back in the day they gave him an ungodly expensive FLIR rig and the software and said here, figure out a test program for us. He became just as experienced and IR savvy as almost anyone I’ve seen and only got his level one years later.

I just wish people where were in general more friendly and helpful and not such a clique.

Flame away.

Yep. The “Level scheme” victims are pretty rough on non-victims.

Fair enough.

If you have a serious question ask it and we’ll try to help. If you have expertise to share, by all means feel free to do so.

Every now and then we mistake a serious question for a troll and may not respond as we would, had we given greater consideration. When that happens, we (at least the part of this criticism that I am responsible for) try to correct it and provide meaningful advice to those who truly seek it.

We also have some who lack both education and knowledge yet profess to sell both but provide no technical advice whatsoever. There are also some who give wrong advice, usually because they have been victimized by this individual and don’t understand what they don’t know - Yes we are pretty rough on them.

Isn’t this how any course, lesson, school, certificate, diploma, degree started? Before something exists, someone has to figure it out to be able to teach it. More importantly, the person or organisation should always strive to develop their knowledge and experience even. This is not the case for every teacher, school or organization.
So, while the training from certain schools, organizations or people might be overrated, it will not be the case with others.
One has to choose wisely where s/he decides to learn.

People here can be hard on others and does require having thick skin at times. But don’t shy away as you will still get real genuine answers. If you don’t want to post on the board, send a PM.

Sounds like sour grapes to me.

  1. You are not a member

  2. Sure you did not mean to post this at Inspectors Journal?

  3. IR guys actually are snobby as they spent thousands of dollars and do not wish others to get in cheap.
    It would make their service worth less if we all do it so making it seem out of reach is the goal as there is no Licensing and I can say I do thermal with a temperature gun if I wish.
    The $3,000 camera today was $10,000 “5 years ago” but now it is not good enough all of a sudden (get it).

  4. The guys here bicker for fun because the regulars are sick of answering questions like
    Gee whiz guys I am Goober and just got my license …should I use Service Magic ?

Some of this stuff is so basic ,been answered a million times and is searchable.
Some guys are to dumb to see the exact same thread is already posted and being answered at the same exact time.

So yes sometimes they will act arrogant and bear in mind when on site we are the experts and as such any successful business owner is going to be brash and bold to survive.

If one can not handle these forum goofballs how in the heck will you survive the real world with developers and Agents handing you your lunch ?

Bob, do we need to find you a girly friend :wink: Relax my friend and have a great night!

Since you suggest that your post would be found with hostility…

and You are not a Member…
Why did u post here???
What was ur expectation?

A Tool… ??

Mr Nick you seem to be hung up on the numbers 1,2 and 3 thingy as you have made many comments about the numbers in the past.

The numbers don’t represent anything but ones level of education and expericense in the thermography world. We have the same identification in the trades electrican, plumbers and HVAC techs we start out at a apprentience level one if I may and a journeyman level 2 if I may and a master at level 3.

The trades do not recognize the word certified we have no certified electricans or plumbers and in all reality we have no certified thermographers. That is my story and I am sticking to it:D

Your observations are correct. I applaud your courage for being honest.
There are over 7,000 registered members with INACHI yet only 100 visit the MB regularly. There is a reason. They will tell you. But just whom are these they?

You will hear “they” the offenders state an array of excuses that satisfy their needs to be arrogant and rude. It’s like doing to a confessional and you play both parts.:roll: The sinner absolving your own sins.
Good old Saint Peter will have a special confessional all ready for “they”:slight_smile: Get ready for the penance though.:mrgreen: Only then are you absolved remember.:eek:

Many solid members have gone, some posting on other MB’s, some only helping every now and then because of “they” An apparent defective quality many pay for.:mad:

Nick hit the nail on the head. :)See post #2
Buyer beware of all that education. Your head and demeanor may swell and you may start talking down to everyone in your path that did not take that higher degree of education. And it better be by they, Oppps their providers!

Some may even think you have something to say. They are hooked and spend that extra tens of thousands too. As a matter of fact, the percentage is well under .001 percent of all member period. You can be a they to IF you have the money. Hmmmmmmmmm.

It must be comforting to be a they. To be able to make others look so stupid, small and insignificant when it comes to the subject matter that they know so well. Myself, I just do not have the time, money, nor see the need at the moment to be self promoting me, they, and the educator of choice. I would rather make money first. Then I will see if it fits my business plan. Hopefully I will be of help and not talk in a secretive language and call myself THEY.
Several post should follow.
Absolution for the sinners me thinks:-):roll:

Another interesting perspective!

Because there are people here that have “seen the light” during their travels to become more proficient in the science of thermography and want to demonstrate to people entering the field for the first time, or have taken an inappropriate course and then subsequently produce a website claiming to be Superman with x-ray vision and able to perform a bucket full of thermal tasks for which they have no idea of what to expect, they are considered (snobs)?

"Small, stupid, insignificant "? You’re the one calling the names! Why not back up your claims with “facts”? If you think you know better than why not engage in the conversation?

Anyone here that thinks that they can say they don’t need training, we could continue to be “snobs” and demonstrate how little you know about what you’re doing and that you’re probably going to cause irreparable damage to your business (and the industry).

Why is it that insurance carriers refuse to cover home inspection thermography?
Go out on the Internet and look around. When it looks like it’s too good to be true, it is.

The people you’re talking about, you know “they”?, are the ones that are presenting “facts”. It’s the likes of those whimpering here that have no idea what they’re talking about because they haven’t done anything to learn, or experience the truth. They are blindly taking what they’re told by people that tell them they can “get by with less” and trying to crusade forward and spread the misinformation to others just beginning to conceptualize thermography.

This is an irritation to those that have spent all that big money to experience the big picture. It’s like someone standing in your face saying it’s nighttime when the sun is shining! It’s hard to ignore this blind trust that they grasp onto so dearly, because to do otherwise would require you walk the path, pay your dues and actually experience the truth. So now you stand here claiming forthcoming flaming conversations to follow…

Snobbery, I don’t think so. Passionate, more likely.

**They **are out to get you !!!

isn’t that the truth!? :slight_smile:

Just cause that is some funny stuff right there:mrgreen::mrgreen:

Seems funny that Darrel Klassen has not come back to say anything to defend his post. David, you must have scared him away. Your a big Meanie!! LOL

“Spring Hill”; hope that’s not Spring Hill, Tennessee!

Oh crap! It is.

I hope my “flaming” is not misconstrued as thermal supremacy against local competition! :wink:

By the way Darrel, I will be heading back down to Georgia with one of your closest competitors to provide “flaming” technical assistance on a federal government job on Wednesday. So hold the fort down for us while we were gone “beating up on one another’s uncertified inadequacies” for three days, okay?


Why put up a screen shot of my site? I’m not sure what your point is. I don’t have any competition. I take jobs, do jobs, and live my life like any other person does. I don’t really worry about other people in the business or their federal government assignments.

I’m more impressed by men and woman in uniform laying down their lives for all of us strangers. Now that’s impressive. Everything else is just relative.

I will also say this, I own a fair size community forum with some of the most technically advanced aerial photographers in the world. I can assure you they treat each other very different than most people do on this site including the newbies trying to break into the profession.

And it’s not all about selling them equipment or dissing what training they have or don’t have. They respect each other.