Show & Tell # 7

Ok this one I have been trying to get for some time.

But I got it today.

Look at the photos do you see it? and what is it?



IR_0321 AD2.jpg

IR_0313 ad.jpg

Looks like a window with your reflection in it and a Lightening Bug outside the window-----:lol:

But I do not know anything about IR Cams except for the fact if you don’t know building science or worked in a 7-Eleven before becoming a used house inspector, the Cam might take some figuring on the users part----:lol:

Looks like a sniper outside your window with his laser sight lined up on you.

I don’t understand the 7/11 thing. Is that some kind of a cheap shot?

Looks like you may not understand much at all if thats the case…
Or your just not a nice guy?

Please never reply to one of my post. Thanks!


30 years of building inspection
IR Nachi Building Science
IR ITC. Training.

Nice pictures Ron. Thanks for posting them.
As one who does not do IR scanning on my inspections, I really can’t ascertain what it is, other than guessing.

Weep hole infiltration?

I’ll be interested in seeing an explanation. thanks again,

No it wasn’t a cheap shot, a joke.

You just stated my case “YOUR NOT A NICE GUY”…



Oh for God sake if you can’t take a joke what else would you like me to say?

I gave you a green box, there, now you don’t look like some sort of a newbie with your IR questions—:lol:


This is coming from a nice guy whether you know me or not I have no idea personally never seen you on the board before. However, give it some time. People I thought were pain in the ??? are actually pretty cool people once I got to know them. Even me and Bushhart get’s along now :). Dale is a jokester and always has been. That’s why many like him. He’s one of the smartest HI’s I know on this board. I can tell you I’m sitting here in Kuwait and even I got his 7-11 joke. Relax have fun and smile :slight_smile: we’re all one big happy purple dinosaur family around here lol Damn where’s my plane at? I can taste it!

Bill :slight_smile:

OK Dale Got the low down on you! So Dale did you have a job at a 7/11 Before you got into inspecting used homes ? L.O.L. OK Sorry about that.

Im just an old fart. if i cant see a mans face its hard to known just what he is saying.

P.S. Dale do you like to Quote Dick Chnney ?

Its not Lightening Bug outside the window. But your are warm.



It is a FLY. Check out the heat trail. I was trying to get some better shots but we get what we get. Some of the heat trails were 10 to 16 Inch long. very hard to get that on a photo. Chect this photo with the temps on this FLY. Almost 3° from the adjacent window. Thats one hot little FLY.



IR_0321 AD1 TEMP.jpg