Boiler and infloor heat systems

Looking for info on boiler systems. Doing a system tomorrow and would like a possible link to review various systems and concerns. These are not very common in this area and have only done a couple but that was a while back.
THe boiler also feeds the in floor garage and basement heating systems.
Any assistance appreciated.

Allen, note neccessity for air valve and possibly expansion tank, check flame color (not white or light yellow), pressure and temp gauges should be within acceptable limits,5-25 PSI, 165-185 deg. F, vent accding to mfg’s instructions (clearance to combustibles), adequate combustion air, clean inside and out, proper condensate discharge if it’s high-efficiency.
This might help some they have a few descriptions, etc.

Allan, I’m sitting out in my shop/office with my boiler and two zone in-floor heat system right behind me. Just as Kenton has said inspect just like any other boiler, good flame, readable guages, 15# pressure, good draft and combustion air, air trap and expansion chamber are a must.

Also look for a mixing valve and check that the delivery line, carrying water to the zones, temp is about 110 (warm to the touch). The mixing valve is important for two reasons. First, out going water/antifreeze warmer than 110 creates uneven heat in the concrete and uneven expansion and contraction of the concrete. Secondly, the return water often comes back to cold to enter the boiler and can “shock” the heat exchanger causing it to distort and crack.

Bruce Cargin
Hastings, MN
NACHI Member