Bonding of csst gas line

The NEC does not require the bond to go to the panel. There are other acceptable options for connection.

So a clamp on first csst connector and #6 copper wire can go to its own ground rod- no need to run to main service panel?

That is what I thought so ur previous comment does not apply to csst bonding- just rigid pipe

No it must somehow terminate to the building grounding electrode system.

My comment about the CounterStrike is that it says to bonding according to NEC 250.104(B), that does not require a separated bonding conductor to the CSST.

No it must tie into the grounding system of the service panel, at the meter, the service panel neutral bus or a gounding source directly tied to the meter and service panel so if “the” ground rod is tied to the meter and service panel yes. If not no, an independent ground rod is not sufficient.