Invoice software sugestions

I have been using quickbooks simple start. I have never been all that happy with the invoice generation - not many options. I also do not use any of the other bookkeeping aspects of the program. I just got a new (reconditioned on ebay for $310) computer and really don’t want to load quickbooks on it.

I would like a nice lean invoice only software. I have seen quite a few out there, but thought I would see if anyone has had experience with any.

Thanks in advance.

I use Quickbooks for my non home inspection service invoicing and HomeGuage for my home inspection invoices. Here is a free invoice software download.

Microsoft Office makes a free accounting software.

Find anything you need at

Totally on line, no software to install, and free. Also

free for 3 invoices a month, payment plan required for more than that.

If you use HomeGauge you can create invoices for whatever you want. You can also export your invoice info directly into QuickBooks or vice versa with HG.

That is one of the many features I like about your great software Russell. Thank you.:wink:

Ditto that. Thanks Russell/ HG

I like Ezy Invoice 3000…Neat, Simple and Powerful.

I have never been able to get the homegauge software to work with quickbooks. I use a separate software program called myinvoices and estimates deluxe but it is a duplication and time consuming. I can’t wait until HG software will be albe to acurately track my invoices and allow me to create reports from them. I like the software invoice portion but it is not designed so far (that I can see anyway) to create a valuable and useful report.
I would love to be proven wrong on this.


All depends upon how you invoice. Some inspectors create a separate invoice transaction entry in Quickbooks for every inspection they do and others like to create a batch transaction instead since creating a new customer entry for every inspection can all of a sudden create a rather large customer file in Quickbooks in which most of them are one time customers. Curious as to what inspectors do to get around this issue.

If all you need is an invoice, Microsoft Word and Excel have templates online that you can customize.

Homegauge is like Droid, it does! :mrgreen:

Hi there,

I have looked for a good online invoicing software for my freelance work and a small company.
I think I haved tried almost all well known invocicing services availible on the web and everytime sometime was not good. One was to expensive, other one have almost no support, and the other one was limited in customization.
One day I have meet my old friend which as well works as a freelancer now. I asked him what software does he use to process all the invoices and quotes to his clientes.
He have recommended me the Billomat Online Invoicing Tool, as its cheep, have a reliable and quick support and have a lot of thing that You can customize.
I have tryied the basic free plan, and it looks like its really working and have all the stuff that I was missing in other aplications.
I really recomend Billomat Online Invoicing tool for every freelancer and a small company othe there, especially if You dont like all the paper work.

Hope that was helpfull :).


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