Bowed in basement wall, see the BOTTOM course of blocks lol

there are multiple exterior cracks in the wall that have allowed a lot of water into, through these blocks and onto floor for many years and there is a TREE 2’ ish off-of , away from the middle of this wall (underground T roots eh)

Told the lady, your wall is in… lol, bad shape, it needed exterior waterproofing YEARS ago!

Anyways, there’s ONLY 1 way to STOP further water from penetrating into and through these blocks, EXT waterproofing. Only 1 way to remove the clay soil and underground T roots, ext-waterproofing

If you install an interior drainage system here and, let’s say some wall anchors or carbon fiber straps then the INT system etc would NOT stop further water penetration which would further deteriorate more blocks, they would not remove the roots and clay soil, helllllo!!

If you don’t think water can’t deteriorate, disintegrate block walls then you are mistaken baby

Engineer in-part, “Long term water penetration through block basement wall deteriorated, disintegrated blocks…”

Carbon fiber straps lose warranty coverage when the foundation gets wet.


one study showed water or humidity sorption leads to delamination and void growth in CFR epoxy
also expansion due to water sorption was found to cause surface cracking in CFR epoxy laminates

debonding is one of the failure mechanisms in CFR epoxy which can lead to untimely failure