Chronic long term water penetration through block foundation wall LED TO

‘extensive deterioration and crumbling of at least one course of block…disintegrating block gave way…’ that’s from engineer.

so as has been said, something like this (photo), that INT drainage system co’s do NOT repair

same house, wall is bowed in too with multiple OTHER exterior openings, cracks etc

‘water penetration through block wall… led to crumbling and deterioration of at least one course of blocks, disinttegrating block gave way…’

YET, the interior basement drainage chumps aka liars tell everybody all they need is their drainage system! You know who, like Danny O and the others mentioned here, nah NO worries about allowing water to penetate block walls, just divert it inside the stupid basements, IDIOTS

Just COVER this up on the inside of basements with ‘bright wall paneling’ or a dimpled membrane etc, SCAM, incompetence, negilgence

nah don’t remove the cause of crack, just leave the root and let sht get worse


bowed in block basement wall, bottom course pushed in cracked allowing WATER PENNNNNN_E_TRATION… on-from the outsde sheesh duh

like THIS, long horizontal crack on the OUTSIDE of the stupid foundation wall, umm allows water penetration into blocks and onto basement floor

hence, installing an interior basement drainage system and 32 sump pumps does not, will not ‘STOP’ FURTHER water penetration INTO and THROUGH the friggin blocks!!! smgdh

Yeah, Mark! Everyone knows one would need 33 sump pumps, not 32. :crazy_face:

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‘chronic long term water penetration through block basement wall led to extensive deterioration of at least one course of block probably over a wide area, disintegrating block gave way’… and lateral soil pressure-expansive clay soil, tree roots and water penetration =

slapping mortar on inside block basement wall doesn’t stop water from getting IN the blocks through exterior cracks in these walls and doesn’t remove, relieve lateral soil pressure, roots etc off the exterior of walls but some wanna pretty it up before they sell their house n slap mortar on blocks, many then paint the block walls and also likely play surface waterdiverting games on the exterior aka loll water management