House collapse CAUSED by long term water damage, block foundation wall

Install interior basement systems and sumps… and maybe some carbon fiber crap etc huh?
Report: Deadly Hamilton House Collapse Caused By Long-Term Water Damage << CBS Philly
‘Bulged cracked blocks turned to powder… chronic long term water penetration THROUGH foundation wall led to extensive DETERIORATION and crumbling of at least one course of blocks…’

Exxxxample video, the inside bottom course of blocks here were deteriorating… SEE the exterior bottom course, cracks etc… water PENETRATES through these exterior cracks and installing ANY interior system does NOT repair/waterproof these cracks and does NOT stop further deterioration!
Have seen this kind of deteriorating, crumbling block and brick walls on houses that were approx. 40 years old, doesn’t take 100 years, sheesh… and the Philly video… says ‘couldn’t detect’? C’mon… couldn’t detect only the wall was covered —just like what interior systems companies DO! Or if there is paneling, drywall up… but should understand this is what can happen, hellllooooooooooo.

Real EXPERTS these interior system companies are…eh? lololll And boy oh boy, they truly care about the homeowner and their house huh, what a crock of pure American shttttt.

Installing beams or wall anchors or carbon fiber straps and an interior drainage system does NOT “STOP” further water from entering, from PENETRATING these exterior cracks, from deteriorating block, bricks wall amd mortar joints, SHEESH!!!


when are some going to LEARN… all the interior system companies are doing is… what’s best for them, jezzzus kristmassssssssss, idiots as has been said

OH. you’re just sooooooooo picky! :stuck_out_tongue:

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