Box located near sump pump

Any ideas on what the Sears black box is for. It is for the sump pump & was unplugged. Is it required to install a GFCI for a sump pump?


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Were there wires or anything coming out the backside (other side of the block wall)? Or was there a receptacle or some terminals on the box anywhere?

I didnt see any wires at the exterior or at the box.


Can’t help you on the Black Box that is unplugged.

As a rule, Pumps, Refrigerator, Freezers, etc. type of equipment are never plugged into a GFCI.
Theory being that a break in the circuit kicks the circuit, and if no one there to reset after the episode/occurance, damage or spoilage/loss can be considerable and probably preventable.

If I was to guess I would guess an audible alarm.


I considered that as well but it would be odd for an audible alarm to not have any opening for sound projection.

Did anyone notice how thick the power cord is to the black box?

I think we are all missing something here.

There should be some other openings in the black box or wires coming out of it. It was identified as a SEARS black box. Does that mean there was a label on it? Need more info.

All I remember seeing is SEARS on the front of the box & that it was unplugged.

I must be missing something…the sump pump is the other plug that is still plugged in right?

What makes you think it is “for the sump pump”?

Maybe it is totally unrelated.

Yes the other plug is for the sump. You may be right about it not being related. I just dont know what it is for. I told my client to inquire with the seller as I didnt know its purpose & function.

And you did make sure there was not a wire coming thru the block wall to the back of it? That is a thick power cord.

I’m the curious type. I would have removed that small screw at the front cover.

It appears to be some sort of remote.