Broke the ceiling

Finally, I stepped thru a drywall ceiling today.

Here’s the before photo:

Here’s the after photo:

I don’t think I’ll offer to pay for or repair the damage :mrgreen:

:shock: Man . . . you need to be more careful out there . . . no broken bones? ribs? pride? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
Just couldn’t help myself.

It’s now 5:48 am…and I started the day off with a laugh…Thank You!!


Yeah, the garage ceiling was like that when I got there but I did add to the problem when I broke a little 6x12 piece off as I was coming back down out of the attic. Somehow I don’t think they will ever notice it.

what was the reason for it to begin with? roof leak?

You know…I don’t really know. There was no water damage above the garage. Pretty much the entire home was like this. It was pretty depressing. The elderly man was moving after his invalid wife had died about two weeks ago. They had not been able to take care of the home, either maintenance wise nor cleanliness wise, for quite some time. I just noted the damage in my report and moved on to the other 288 items (that’s an exaggeration :wink: ).

Ah, but the access cover was in tact.

I bet that feature didn’t go unnoticed by the listing agent.

One time I was standing on some stairs looking up. I stepped down to the
next step and my knee slipped. I looked down and my knee punched
a 3 inch hole in the sheetrock and I never felt it go through.

That hole cost me $250… oh my.

I can’t get my head around this one John?:shock:

something like this
but just his knee