broken window

I inspected a 1965 home with jaloussie windows today. On about the 4th window, the crank breaks when I was closing it. I did not test anymore windows and stated such in my report. Would you pay to make the repair, or do you consider it a window that was already defective
(but may not have been opened in the last 20 years). I did not use excessive force when trying to close it.

NO I would not pay to fix it, Just report it and gerenalize that the rest will need some repair or replaced as frozen stripped or damaged. Never seen any home with those that didn’t.

Some windows are stuck, broken or not operating-repair or replace as needed by qualified professional.

Last week I noticed that the tub faucet was dripping. I turned it to try to shut it off…but it snapped off…yikes! didn’t stop dripping either.

I told the client I’d pay for it if needed as the homeowner was not there. Haven’t heard from him so I’m guessing I’m in the clear.

These things happen.

Some inspectors push the button on an older GFCI and the button will either freeze in place or just break off.
If you “tested” anything using “normal operating procedures” or in other words you did what any homeowner would do to open or close a window then you have no liability in this matter.

Failed under test.

I inspected a home a couple of weeks ago…everything looked good and then today, I get a call from the agent saying there is a cracked window. I go to the house and the window was indeed cracked but the house was occupied for those 2 weeks in between the inspection and the closing. I stated that if the house were vacant, I would take responsibility but since it was occupied, anybody could have cracked that window since the inspection. Even the agent backed me and said there were no cracked windows on walk-through. The home inspector is the easiest to blame for things like this. Has this happened to anyone else? What did you do? Oh, incidentally, I also inspected this woman’s brothers house who tried to blame me because I specifically did not mention that there was no garbage disposal under the sink. I told him if it was not in the list of items tested, then there wasn’t one present. That wasn’t good enough for him as he said i should have specifically stated there was no garbage disposal. Out of courtesy, I turned on the sprinkler/drip system for him so he could see how it worked. It worked fine with the exception of some heads that were manually closed off. He asked if I could come back after he took possession of the house to show him how to set the timer, which i did, on a sun. morning for free, then he has the nerve to tell me the sprinkler doesn’t work and tries to blame me for that too. Twice we turned that thing on and both times it worked, now that it doesn’t (timer probably off or something), he thinks I am to blame. :mad:

Window was not broken at time of Inspection…

Window was not broken at time of Pre-Closing review…

Window is broken now…

What is the question?

Blane, The crank handle whether stripped or broken off is likely due to it’s age.

Cranks “break” frequently on the jalousie and awning windows on older homes. The house I’m leaving for in a few minutes is older and will have these types of windows, and I’m sure a crank will break somewhere.

I write it up for repair, and generally include a statement in the window section of the report to the effect of “the windows in the home were older and some were difficult to operate. Anticipate additional repairs to windows that are not mentioned in this report.”

Write up the crank as “failed during operation”.