I don’t understand???

Merry Christmas to you and your family:D

Let me interpret these series of dots posted by Chuck…

“Mike Rowan is a dope and should not be president of CMI.”

How did I do, Chuck?

Hey Chuck,

I see you are still master of the overstatement :wink:

Happy Christmas to you and yours



James I believe there is an area in New Mexico awaiting your undivided attention :wink:

BTW, see if Elvis is there would you, enquiring minds want to know :mrgreen:

Happy holidays


Sorry, Gerry…did not mean to bite the hand that feeds you. You are a good watchdog.:wink:

Actually, I tried to post a link to a hot chick (oops) that is modeling mens underwear farting and belching, but I can go with the post by James also. Either way.

Try this

What’s a hot check?

Or was it hot czech?

:wink: Merry Christmas!

Hey Chuck

Merry Christmas! Keep the wife and kids happy and stay out of trouble.


Gerry and Paul…back at ya!

Happy Holidays

You need to list those as X rated. My 15 year old son was in the room - you should have seen his eyes.

15? I’m sure it’s nothing he hasn’t seen or dreamed of already…at least you can hope so.

BTW, no nudity is on the video…so at the most it’s PG-13.

Hi Chuck good to hear from you.:cool:

I hope you and your family have a happy and prosperous new year.:smiley:

Same for you Todd. All the best!