builder vs hi

while playing telephone tag this is the message that was left. Keep in mind that I have never met or spoken with this builder. I think maybe he has a chip or two.
This is a zipped mp3 file. enjoy


That was a very scary recording. Sounded like something out of the Excorcist movie. Could not understand a word of it. Did you meet with the builder and did he do a 360 twirl with his head??:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Was the call made on 6/6/06:twisted:

Sounds like he’s familiar with the Florida no license or insurance requirement as well…

I met a builder here who spends a good portion of his time writing articles and testifying against home inspectors.

He doesn’t think any of them are credible.

I had the same thing with the tv channels when I was a remodeling contractor. They all think that they and the customer are never wrong and the contractors are out to get everybody. well it looks like me client(an out of state investor) is not going to buy any more property from this builder, too bad. All he had to do was play nice in the same sand box, thats not so hard is it?

Well Bruce? You would think eh? :slight_smile: