Building a Basement Bar

I am planning a basement bar in my finished basement and have some electrical questions before submitting my plans for permits. A little info about the design:

The sink I am installing is on a peninsula island connected to a wall that is roughly 40" by 10’. There is more than 12" from the back of the sink to the edge so it should count as a single island. The whole island is 36" high (there is no back-splash area or higher bar elevation.)

I am also installing a small beverage fridge and a larger wine fridge (160 bottle).

Finally, there is an 1/3 hp utility sink pump that requires a 15 amp GFCI outlet.

My questions:

  1. Do I need to have receptacles every 2’ on the peninsula island or can I just have one on the wall and on the end of the opposite (long) side of the bar?
  2. Do the receptacle outlets have to be on a dedicated 20 amp circuit or can they be on a 15 amp circuit?
  3. Can the two fridges be on a single, dedicated 20 amp circuit or do they have to be on separate circuits?
  4. Does the utility pump have to be on it’s own circuit or can it be on the receptacle circuit?
  5. Lastly, there is a opening behind some drywall next to a structural i-beam that would make it easy to pull wire from the panel board without creating a lot of holes in the drywall. Can I pull wire through open space if it is in some type of metal conduit or does all electrical wire have to go through studs/floor boards?

Any help is appreciated!


Are you hiring a licensed electrician he should be able to help you. Sorry Casey but this is a Home Inspectors Forum not a DIY Forum so this is not the right place to be asking these questions.