Building Permits

How does one go about finding out if a building permit was pulled? I’ve been on the states .gov site but no luck a lot of info on how to apply for one. Do I need special access to search/see permits? I recommend to my client to inquire about permits but not sure how easy they are to find.

Here in San Diego one can apply for a permit only but one cannot search for past permits to see who got them or for what properties. One has to go down to the building department for that information.

Building permits are issued by the county, not the state. No?

Depends in what area you are located. Most are issued by township/city. If it’s unicorporated, than it’s the county.


sorry, I meant site

Our city has an online permit record search showing all permit activity post 1998. Simply type in the property address. Anything pre-1998 requires a visit to the local Building & Safety Department.

The City of Chicago has theirs available here.