Built in extention cord

Inspection today, when I got home to do the pictures, my daughter called this a built in extension cord.
Same outlet just a little loose.

Goheen 3 31 08 031.jpg

Goheen 3 31 08 032.jpg

It almost looks like SJ cord … heavy gauge extension cord you might see on a reach in cooler. I doubt it meets the “national minimum safety standards” but will be interesting to see what the gurus say.

I can’t tell if that’s rubber cord or not. Looks more like old braided romex. If that’s the case, the box just came unsecured and needs attention.

Old Braided cloth type NM Cable…Box needs to be secured properly to wall, gaps around box filled and since it is old wiring and chances are other issues would not hurt to suggest protection with GFCI receptacle or breaker for added protection.

I think they call that a “box extension” in some areas don’t they?

It’s braided romex, but tied into K&T. client is planning on re-wiring if he buys.