Pushmatic panel

Don’t see these often but the home I inspected Saturday had 200 Amps coming in with a Bulldog switch. Pushmatic panel in the kitchen.

Also, the thermostat only calls for heat and the fan control is 10’ away on another wall.

Don’t know what that black knob is, I turned it but nothing happened. Don’t know if its for the interior grill but maybe. Anyone have a guess?

I was doing a work plan inspection to cost out future remodeling plans. Short and visual only inspection.

Breaker may be hard to get , ( Bulldog ) but i had a lot up in Canada in commercial , never had any problems with them

Do a google search lots there from $7.00 up


Good info Roy , I had boxes of them before i moved gave them to a local electrician

I am keeping silent with the buyer as far as installing a new panel. I will tell him Ebay has Pushmatic breakers.

My recommendation would be get a new panel if your planning a lot of work as I doubt AFCI protection will be easy with his present arrangement.

This is a 50 year old 600K home.
Also had this…

My daughter had one but had a problem having the breakers turn on/off properly. House circa 1974.
Changed it out to a GE Powermark panel.

Here’s what I include when home is equipped with a Pushmatic.

Thanks for the help guys. Good comment Chris, if I use that I’ll sound smarter, so I think I will.:wink: