Bush gets the boot in Iraq

Actually, it’s a pair of shoes!


And President Bush confirms that he is an evergreen class act.

I bet that reporter in now minus one hand.

One hopes.

At the very least, he’s minus two shoes.

Unfortunately, this is a prime example of the type of low-life that has gravitated to ‘journalism’. They cannot make their mark on the world any other way. And usually their mark is a skid mark.

Rotflmao! Rotflmao!

While Bush has certainly aged in office, his reflexes are still pretty dang good!

President Bush is probably the best conditioned man to ever occupy the office.

I bet he shrugged it off and said,“Forget it, let the guy go!” Did you see how he waved off the SS guy? Speaking of SS guys, they were a little slow to react, if that had been a bullet instead of a shoe, none of them was in position to take it for the Prez!

I do not think throwing a bullet is really all that dangerous Kenny. :smiley:

You got that right, the man still chops his own firewood!

As did President Reagan.

Well . . . not to the thrower!

Wiseguy hunh…you got me! :smiley:

Now everyone can join in the game, fun for the whole family… Sock & Awe! :mrgreen:

:smiley: Fun for the whole family. :smiley:

Interesting that the secret service agents never bothered to throw themselves in front of Bush.

So much for taking a bullet.

Now all the terrorists know how easy it is to get him.