I have a question regarding cards. Forgive me as I am new. I got hired by a company Monday and have just finished up certification Friday and wonder if the cards I design should have my company name on them or just the company name that markets me or both. If both, then what would be the respect given each? The only reference I received was to include their company’s websitep if able.

Area where you inspect ,Company name your Name and phone number .

I am surprised how many inspectors do not have the area listed they inspect in better .

Are you an employee of said company? Why you have your own company then?

This is a question for your employer.

Where are you located? Your profile does not show this and you do not show up on the Featured Inspector list. Your question might have a State specific requirement.

A company usually provides you with their own cards with your name on them, if you are an employee.

You need to ask the “company” as they will be the ones to sue your a-s-s over this issue!