Business Insights

I tried the Business Insights on Homegauge Services today and it does not work very well.
When I look at my revenue by service for last year, it shows I did 7 inspections total. I didn’t have a month where is did less than twice that.
When I look at Revenue per month, it does not show that I made any money in any month.
The uploaded reports per month is better but it shows every report added together. By that I mean that if I did a home inspection and WDO on the same home it counts that as 2 inspections. It also does not appear to count Wind Mitigation inspections or 4 Point inspections.

It is a good idea and could be very helpful but it does not seem to work in a helpful manner at this time.


Sorry for my last post. I saw the information about the Business Insights on the main homegauge window and looked at it. I then went to the news letter and saw that it only works if you use the online appointment manager to schedule the inspections. \

I only use the appointment manager when I am not near my computer as I find it easier to just enter the information into Homegauge instead of going on line, opening the appointment manager and then having to download the schedule to my computer. This way I do it all at one time instead of going through many extra steps.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the appointment manager and it does a great job when I am out of town and need to set up an inspection but when I am home, it is much simpler to just do it once.

Correct Business Insights happens from your appointment manager. Not the software. You only have to do it once but make that one time in the appointment manager so Business Insights will be accurate. You can bring that info down easily into your software by slecting in the software menu line> HG Services>Download my online appointments. Doing this way is easy, sends everyone a notice, allows you to change the date and time with one drag and automatically sends out notices to everyone. It sets up your agreement automatically and will select mutliple agreements if you have them as you select the service.

Old dawg new tricks. Start in the appointment manager. All else is automatic and only record it once.