Business name feedback

I am continuing to work on my inspector training by doing ride-alongs with another inspector and plan on launching my own business in south-central PA later in 2016. Looking ahead, I am working on deciding on a business name. Below are 4 names that have been brain-stormed. I appreciate if anyone would take the time to critique these.

When looking at the names, please let me know your 1st impression, associations or reactions to the names. Details are key and will greatly help in the development of a solid name.

Empriza Property Inspections

OneCore Inspections

Intellasight Inspections

Hawkeye Property Inspections

Maybe “consulting” would be better than “inspections.”

I always think it is good to use Home Inspections in your name because even when people see my truck that says Stone Wall Home Inspections on it they still ask what I do?

The only one that appeals to me would be Hawkeye Property Inspections ( maybe change Property to Home?) Start working on a website as soon as you figure one out!

Best of Luck!

Onecore is good. :slight_smile:

Consider names of streets, or sub-division names for ideas. Many company names come from the area in which you operate. IE: flat-land, mountain, prairie, hills, etc.

What is the thought process on each name? Do any have a connection to your city/region? What is Empriza?

Having your city/region in your name helps with connecting you to the area and can help in internet searches.

My company name is All Points Home Inspections LLC. I am in the process of changing it to All Points Property Inspections LLC. I also do commercial inspections and don’t want the commercial investor/brokers to think I only do home inspections. I looked at all the city name possibilities but they were all taken.

Thank you for the feedback thus far.

These are initial names that a branding company developed. I need to give them feedback on them and then they will work on other options if needed. My thought is it is better to ask for outside/neutral opinions on the names to make sure I’m making a well informed decision. The goal is to develop a fresh and genuine identity that should inspire clients to adopt the brand by influencing notions of professionalism in addition to satisfied clients.

The branding company is also trying to match a domain name that hasn’t been taken yet, such as I believe that is too long of a domain name though and would like to keep it under 13 characters if possible.

As for the names, Empriza seemed too dominant or overpowering like the word empire and could possibly turn off real estate agents.

OneCore seems solid.

I’m not sure what to think about Intellasight. I see the meaning of the name, but not sure it will be easily remembered.

And yes Geff, I thought that there are most likely many other inspection businesses with the name Hawkeye in it. It’s a good name, but I prefer something less common. By the way Geff, I really like your logo for your business.

There are a few Hawkeye’s (I have them as users). I think David makes a great point. We see a lot of guys change their business name a few years down the line because they start doing commercial inspections. Think ahead!

Well, Jason, if you’ve been on this MB for more than 3 seconds, you already know that I usually get straight to my point and don’t pull any punches. So, with that being said, I think all your listed choices ‘suk’, they make no sense to the average person, and you should dump your “branding company” immediately.

You should be thinking as the average consumer, NOT a home inspector or business owner. Does the name make sense? What does it mean? What feeling does it invoke? Will I remember it in 1 day, or 30 days, or 3 minutes for that matter?

Keep it simple, eliminate all vanity names, make it self-explanatory, and above all… DO NOT allow it to lock you into a specific business segment!

As for your website… as someone else mentioned… absolutely get working on it asap! It takes time to get crawled and indexed by the search engines, and even then you need to update it regularly. Throughout the year I typically have little time to work on mine (multiple sites), so come winter (now) I usually give mine a major overhaul as real estate business shuts down around here until about March. Mine currently are not in good shape, but that’s ok as nobody is looking for me right now, but my sites are old enough and established to carry me through till Spring (my peak season) and by then my sites will be Rockin’!

So… good luck to you.

Jeffrey R. Jonas
JRJ Consultants (Commercial, Industrial, other non-Residential)
Critical Eye Property Inspections (Residential, other non-Commercial-Industrial)

Thank you Jeffrey. I do appreciate you and everyone else being straight forward.

Agree with Jeff and Dom.
I did not answer before because they all suck. How about Easy Reider Home services… Just kidding. Though what’s wrong with your name. Many wish they had used theirs.

Generally not a good business decision, unless you intend to stay a one man show with zero intentions of selling your business in the future. Why would Bob Elliott purchase “Jason Reider Home Inspections”? I guess if he ever decided to, he could just Franchise the name, but then again… why would anyone buy a business with someone else’s name on it?

Not to mention that the average person suks when it comes to remembering names!

Most clients and agents remember my name.
A very large amount use their names and this is not retail but a personable business that is built on relationships. you a large firm Jeff ? ]

I have zero idea what your business name is .
Now if it was Judas could understand

By your theory a town or city name is limiting as well.

Not really a fan of any of the candidates presented to you, especially “Intellasight Inspections” which comes off as someone trying to do a twist on the phrase intelligent inspections, but not quite bright enough to know how “intelligent” is spelled. It would be the business name equivalent of

I would send your branding company back to the drawing board, or simply away.

good one about commercial inspections !!!