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Hey gang! I am wanting to get some ideas of some unique yet simple names to re-name my business to. I have been wanting to re-name my business for awhile now but for some reason every free chance I get to try and think of some original names- I draw a blank and can only write down 3 or 4 and then get frustrated! So far the names that I have written down to be contenders for the new name of my business are:

ProSpect Structural Services
" " Inspections
Tri-State Home Inspections- or just Tri-State Inspections
House2Home Inspections
Heartland Homes and
Reliant Home Inspections

Also, another little factor that will be used in deciding the new name of the business is the fact that I am structured as an LLC so therefore any business name chosen will have one of the three at the end of it:

, LLC -or-
, L.L.C.

Thanks in advance for any ideas thrown my way or tips on how to name a prospective business/re-name a currently existing business- it’s all greatly appreciated!

I like to try to get the location of where I will be inspecting in the name. It is free organic SEO, Corey.


Corey, you state “re-name” your business. What is it called now? That may help…

I am of the opinion that adding “Home Inspections” at the end of your business name is sort of a limiting factor.

I would consider using “Inspection Services” instead

What if you choose to do commercial or add ancillary services?

And regarding LLC at the end of your name, I would leave that off your logos and other identifying materials.

To weigh in on your choices,
I like Reliant, sounds cool.

Good luck man.


I was actually thinking of going with “Structural Services” at the end- as I am also certified as a Pool Installation/Repair Technician as well as a few other building/home/structural experiences. And I also liked Reliant- but I have been leaning towards one of the -“spect” or another I liked was AdvanTech to start out then add on either Inspection Services, Structural Services, etc.

Thanks for the input!


Currently, it is EFS Contracting Services, LLC with DBA Elite Field Inspections

Most states require you to register a business name. Whatever name you choose will have to be compared to existing businesses in your state to make sure there is no conflict. Contact your SBA or state government.

Advantech is a popular brand name of wall sheathing just FYI.

Since you have so many specialties you might be better off having one parent LLC that has DBA’s or ABNs for each specialized trade.

(DBA: Doing business as,
ABN: Assumed business name)

In my case, my official business is
“Tolbertgroup LLC” and I have an ABN in Oregon under “Amerispec Inspection Services”

Taxes go under LLC, but someone could write a check to either name and it would be good as a bank deposit.

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How about “cover your assets” :joy:


Actually, that is my business structure currently. As of now my LLC is filed with my SOS office as EFS Contracting Services, LLC and my Cert. of Assumed Name is filed with my SOS office as Elite Field Inspections. But never thought about making the parent group with different businesses running their own ABN. I love it! I’m like a kid on Christmas morning right now getting his gift that he really, really wanted but his parents said they couldn’t afford so he didn’t think he was getting it. HA-HA!

But how does that work with filing Federal taxes being set up with the one Parent company and then at least one ABN that is operating under a completely different NAICS code? Because even though I operated under the ABN, the ABN and Legal Name were the same business with the same services provided? So when I just filed my federal return yesterday I filed all of my W2 income, 1099-NEC and self-employment cash/check payments along with any of my business expenses on my Form 1040 Schedule C and Schedule 1 with no QBI, K1, Form 1120 or any carryovers or any other types of credits and deductions.

Also, for a completely unrelated topic I was actually going to post about later today, in regards to the LLC state filings, your LLET (Limited Liability Entity Tax) since I do not file the Corporation Income Tax Return, how can I file my LLET that my states DOR says I am required to file- if I don’t have to file the IRS Form 1120 which is what the LLET return requires to be filled out? Thanks!

Daniel… you freaking beautiful genius you… I LOVE IT! Lol too bad that where I’m from, most wouldn’t find it funny… they’re a real drag. Where I live was actually voted by multiple large publications the “Best Place to Retire To”- the good ole Retirement Haven of the US- Murray, Kentucky.


Thanks for the reply! I am registered with the Secretary of State’s Office in my state as an Organized LLC with a Certificate of Assumed Name also filed with their office for my DBA. Our state has an online portal that allows us to look up Business Name Availability called FastTrack, so there is never any worry about running into the issue of duplicating an existing active filing for the same business name in my state.

Haha. I thought about using it myself, or “protect your assets” but the wife didn’t like it… same reasoning here, retirement community of Florida

Perfection Inspection

To be honest regarding taxes, I’m not sure, I have a CPA do our taxes both personal and for business.

That is going to be the next “big step” that I take is looking into a CPA for accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, and eventually payroll.

I know it can seem like a stretch financially but it’s so worth it for peace of mind and savings of time.

A lot of CPAs have in-house book keeping as well, and ours would do your year end taxes essentially for free when they do your books.

I think it was roughly 100 per month.

Wow… that is actually insanely reasonable compared to what I was figuring up these types of services would cost per month! I’m definitely going to be giving my local CPA firm a call on Monday to get set up with a consultation! Thanks for all that info Patrick!

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