Business Opportunity: I need home inspectors in VA, DC, MD, DE, PA, and NJ.

I’d like to introduce you to Tony Maull of Federated Power. Tony is the President of Federated Power. The company is a provider of almost $2 billion in energy efficiency home improvement rebate data. They want you to include their information in your home inspection reports for free to you. Federated Power does not charge the homeowner. In exchange, they have a questionnaire they want you to fill out. I’ve looked at the questionnaire and it’s information we collect anyways. Federated Power makes their money by directing home improvement manufacturers advertising and coupons to homeowners with the homeowners permission. I believe that if it’s about driving savings for our clients, it’s a value added service that helps our business. Federated Power is looking at a pilot program in the mid Atlantic states from VA to NJ in April. Between now and then, he’d like to meet a handful of you to run through the data collection process, the questionnaire and ride along a few times so he can gauge homeowner attitudes. If you’re interested in learning more, you can contact him at the following:

Federated Power
7901 Jones Branch Drive
Suite 130
McLean, VA 22102
703-627-1734 mobile

You guys really should do this, it looks like it is going to be huge. Give him a call.

What the heck. I’ll call him.

Nick, do you have anything similar in the South East?

We picked the mid Atlantic just to get started. The short term goal is to roll out nationally by the late summer/fall time frame. Where are you in the southeast. I can send you our brochure that describes what we’re doing as well as a copy of the questionnaire. How can I get this to you?
Tony Maull

John and James - my fault - got the response backwards. I’ll get the brochure to the two of you and help you get started in including our information into your reports.

I see you’re in Sarasota (34231 zip). There are 44 incentives available to Sarasota residents (depending upon certain rules). The big one is $1,930 for a high efficiency air conditioning/heat pump system offered by Florida Power and Light.

That is a big one.

Folks, basically InterNACHI members are going to be able to add value to their inspection services by including these rebates, many of which exceed the entire cost of the inspection.

Let me know if it ever makes it out to the wild West(Utah). I’d give it a try. Getting my BPI certification next month so it looks like I’ll be dabblin in some energy stuff after-all.

Also sent me the information. Please

How about me…I did some energy surveys last year. I would like to see the benifit of adding this to my services.

thanx 33782

We will review the requested information, and get back with you.

It looks like a good program. Over 1/2 of the brochure is fine print. Tony Maull and I will discuss the information below Tuesday afternoon.

Proprietary Information for InterNACHI Inspectors

Page 1

Federated Power helps inspectors deliver high-dollar home improvement rebates to
Current or prospective homeowners free to the inspector.

Page 14

Page 14

Discontinuance. At any time, without notice to you, and for any or no reason, Federated Power may modify or discontinue the Site or any portion of the Site. Federated Power shall in no way be held liable for any consequence, which results from its decision to modify or discontinue providing the Site or any portion of it.

Then that BPI logo you have on your site might mean something … just sayin. :roll:

And you where denied membership in NACBI yet you continue to list the logo under your “qualifications” :roll:


Damn, how did I miss them?

I must be slacken. As you know, I just sit around all day stalking this poor guy…

Chris, don’t worry about the BPI thing. They stole scans from my site and used them to teach “ME” how to use thermal imaging in energy audits!

They are just birds of a feather…

Hey Chris,

It’s nice to meet you to.

Let me explain this BPI situation once more. Power Check Inspections is jointly owned by BPI Certified Tim White and myself(]( I promote BPI energy audits and ALWAYS recommend that home owners ensure their energy auditor is BPI Certified(](

In over 3 years now, I have never once personally charged nor preformed an energy audit for a client. I have an incentive to promote energy audits and the few times I get a call for an energy audit the information is transferred directly to my BPI Certified Power Check Inspections Business partner.

You can call me 100 times asking for an energy audit and 100 times you will be transferred over to or scheduled an Energy Audit by a BPI Certified Energy Auditor. I haven’t had the desire to get involved with energy audits because I get few requests for them, stay busy with home inspections, and I have a partner that is very involved with the Home Star Program and Energy Audit Industry.

As a business owner who PROVIDES and PROMOTES BPI certified Energy Audits, Why wouldn’t the BPI emblem on our site mean something?

My company provides BPI energy audits. Should I not list that we provide BPI energy audits when that’s the ONLY FORM of energy audit we provide?

I probably still want personally perform many BPI energy audits after getting BPI certified this month. My partner stays booked up a week or more in advance at all times and sends me quite a bit of work. I’ll most likely continue sending him the few energy audit requests I receive and the logo will mean the exact same now as it will this time next month.

I’m simply getting BPI certified because the class is being taught here in SLC for $1250 and I’d like to get it out of the way in preparations for the future as I feel it will soon be helpful or even needed.

Regardless, I promote BPI certified auditors which seems like something respectable vs. just promoting homemade energy audits as numerous folks are doing. I don’t understand how your finding fault with me or my company in these circumstances.

[FONT=Arial-BoldMT][size=5][size=2]Brandon: seeing that I am BPI certified and Chris is not, let me jump in here…
I have never heard of this BPI referral program you speak of. At least not one that allows you to post the BPI logo when you are not actually certified.

I have however been officially notified by BPI about the use of their logo and about specific changes concerning copyright issues with their logo. These changes required those that were actually BPI certified to change BPI logos and that failure to comply would be considered a copyright violation.

I would look this up for you but I have two thermal jobs and one home inspection for an investor to get to this morning (I know you think I just sit around all day). Sorry.
It seems that BPI was rather adamant about this subject.

I could really give a crap about BPI’s requirements as they do not honor my rights either…

I know you think I am personally picking on you, however as usual I am just presenting “the facts” as I know them.

You have also been notified by NACBI to cease-and-desist.

It seems to me you’re cleaning up your little sticker act, but it looks like you still have a little housecleaning to do.

You have so many copyright violations you can’t even keep up with them!?

And no, this is not a conspiracy against you (even though you perceive my comments as jealousy and hatred against you and only you). I’m just not particularly impressed by someone that is trying to make something of themselves that they are not.

… You have made slanderous statements about me on this board but we have the documented facts on you. Facts are facts.

Logos for Affiliate Organizations
[/size][/size][/FONT][FONT=ArialMT][size=3]A “BPI Affiliate Organization” offers services, such as training, certification and quality
assurance. Those using the “BPI Affiliate Organization” logos should only display logos that
have been earned through Affiliate Agreements.
The logos in this set have been developed for use [/size][/FONT]*[FONT=Arial][size=3]only *[/size][/FONT][FONT=ArialMT][size=3]by organizations who are currently BPI
Affiliates. Place the logo next to the organization’s name, as it is the affiliate organization that is
being recognized.
[/size][/FONT]**[FONT=Arial-BoldMT][size=2]Affiliate Organization
Black and White
[/size][/FONT][FONT=Arial-BoldMT][size=2]Order #105V
[/size][/FONT][FONT=Arial-BoldMT][size=2]Order #105H
Affiliate Organization
Color [/size][/FONT][FONT=Georgia-Bold][size=1][FONT=Georgia-Bold][size=1]AFFILIATE
[/size][/FONT][/size][/FONT][FONT=Arial-BoldMT][size=2]Order #705V
[/size][/FONT][/size][/FONT][FONT=Arial-BoldMT][size=2]Order #705H

[/size][/FONT][FONT=Arial-BoldMT][size=5]Policy on Nonconformance
**[/size][/FONT][FONT=ArialMT][size=3]If use of the BPI brand or logo does not conform with these requirements, BPI will provide notice
in writing and provide guidance for bringing the logo use into conformance. If the logo use fails
to be brought into conformance, BPI reserves the right to take any appropriate action at its
The BPI brand and logos are property of the Building Performance Institute, Inc. and are fully
protected under all applicable United States Intellectual Property Laws, including Copyright and
Trademark Law.


I am sorry about that logo and it has been corrected. My apology still stands to all the members of NACBI.

I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with Mr. Anderson’s personal vendetta against me but that was the ONE thing he was in-fact correct on out of his countless attempts to try and find some form of fault against me. I thought the NACBI logo was the InterNachi commercial building inspectors logo and it was an honest to god mistake of misunderstanding.

Once completing and mailing off all the requirements for the InterNachi COMMSEC association I added the NACBI logo to my websites and InterNachi signature. I can assure you I wouldn’t have purposely added the NACBI emblem to my InterNachi signature to be viewed by numerous NACBI members while not being a member.

Mr. Anderson contacted the owner of NACBI vs. being a friend so he could purposely and publicly post how I was soon to be served for copyright fraud or whatever it is while making it out like there were numerous cases coming down against me when it was in-fact one single logo misunderstanding.

After the misunderstanding was brought to my attention, I offered a public apology to all of the NACBI members and immediately removed every emblem except it appears I overlooked the 1 that you found which has now been removed. I also responded to the owner of NACBI explaining my fault and misunderstanding while admitting that I had the logo posted for almost a month before realizing it. I explained the situation in-depth and offered to pay $75-$100 or whatever the founder of NACBI deemed fair in compensation for my mis-understanding and a months use of the emblem.

I have no problems admitting my faults when they are wrong or taking responsibility for my actions even when they are not intentional. This is what I’ve been trying to explain to Mr. Anderson. If he finds some form of fault with me or if anyone does for that matter than I have no problems correcting any areas where I’m in the wrong. I actually appreciate the heads-up so I can in-fact correct something if I’m in the wrong. I’m not out to try and cheat, mislead, harm, or not provide the best service I possibly can to anyone. I’ve only tried to help others to the best of my ability.

There’s yet to be another InterNachi member contact me for anything where I haven’t tried my absolute best to help them in every way possible.

I spend EVERY single extra dime I make on training, memberships, leraning opportunities, equipment and Certifications vs. toys, vacations, luxuries, etc… I’ve done my honest to god best at trying to get the best training available to learn this industry to the best of my ability. Every step further I take seems to bring more resistance and resentfulness towards me. I’m supposedly moving to fast and trying to acquire TOO MUCH training. Why is it that someone using every resource available to them to obtain more training, certifications, learning opportunities, etc… are gaining more resentment than the folks out there providing all these services with no certifications or training or “merit badges” as Mr. Anderson says?

I once again apologize for that last logo being left on 1 of the 5 websites. It’s been removed and updated.

I’m not understanding your comment about me being denied membership to the NACBI? Please explain? I’ve never applied nor attempted to become a member of NACBI much less been denied membership. I introduced myself and very briefly spoke with Mr. Duffy at the IR/INFO conference about being interested in the association. I think it’s a respectful association that I do hope to someday become affiliated with it. Dwelltek Energy Solutions, my partner, and I had discussions of moving forward with trying to become involved with the association but due to the recent attacks on me by Mr. Anderson I explained to the founder that my interests would be best laid to rest for a while.

There has never been any form of a denial of membership against me. I was simply asked to remove the NACBI emblem until I was actually a member and had the rightful usage of it.

Oh, by the way…

Did I tell you that the only other thing that pisses me off more than a thief…

…is a liar! ?