Grasshopper Virtual Phone System

Is anyone here using or heard of the virtual phone system GRASSHOPPER and if so, I would love to talk to you about how it works and if you like it. This is Bruce Bowen from Walnut Creek, Ca.

We use it. It’s pretty good, but not perfect… it was the only solution I could find were texts would be send to the office guy and me…

Let’s me have a personal number and business number with just one phone.

Thanks Andrew for your reply. I use it but was wondering if I should just go with my cell phone number as my business contact number even though when people call my business number and leave a message I can get the message and reply afterwords. I have no landline at home:):slight_smile:

Yes, sir, I used it a year ago and I love their features at that time but now I used other virtual phone system CallHippo it’s far better than grasshopper which includes in price and features. still, I also like the grasshopper.

Even though this is an old thread I will put this here for anyone that wants a business line and a personal line with team features.
I have been using this for a couple of years and love it.

I have a phone with two sim cards so all my calls come to one device.
I’m considering getting a second phone though, to reduce the phone calls and texts i get during an inspection while i’m trying to take pictures and select/edit narratives.

Maybe I am not on the right tract but MagicJack is a good alternative for a virtual phone.