Busoness cards

Im doing templates for business cards can i put Certified Home Inspector on them or just Home Inspector? i just Recieve my licence in Wi On friday

Why not use “Certified Professional Inspector” ? It’s like “Certified Public Accountant (CPA)” only for inspectors… www.nachi.org/cpi.htm

Ok thanks Nick i could use the rosetta stone cd how to spell also

How about Licensed and Certified ?

Does Wisconsin “Certify” home inspectors?

I would be careful using those two words in the same breath.

You can be a Licensed and Certified Inspector.

Licensed by the State and Certified by Nachi

What does the word Certified mean to you?

As usual Bob, you miss the point.

Example of Bob’s fictional business card:

Bob Elliott

Licensed & Certified Home Inspector

(312) 555-1212

Are you comfortable with the above?

Yes as That’s what my card looks like.
I assume you are getting an–l about some aspect of it.

I don’t see any problem in describing yourself as both licensed and certified if you are both licensed and certified.

I will say that from a marketing standpoint, the average consumer doesn’t give you any extra points for being licensed. “Licensed” to the average consumer is the opposite of “illegal” and they assume you are operating legally.

“Certified” however, is considered by the average consumer to be above and beyond merely legal.

Does the term “**False and Misleading Advertising” **mean anything to you? Yes, a business card is considered a form of advertising. You wouldn’t do that in a brochure or a print ad, would you? I am sure you go out of your way to cover your *** in your Pre-Inspection Agreement, why would you open yourself up on the one piece of advertising you use everyday, and is most often seen?

I am certain any competant Attorney, with a disgruntled client that believes you (allegedly) made a mistake, could use your own business card against you.

No, I am not anal or paranoid. I have just seen (for companies I have been employed by) rulings by judges for the strangest things. Many of those items are business related, and not HI exclusive.

**My opinion is **do not leave anything to anyone elses interpretation. Be specific. If you are vague about something, it can be considered misleading. CYA… no one is going to do it for you!!!

I do not either, as long as you specify WHO you are licensed and certified by, if they are not one and the same.

So If I say I am a Football and Baseball fan someone like you may get confused and sue me?

I think you really are confused .

Comparing apples to bananas, Bob. :roll:

I hope for your sake, you never PO an informed consumer. :neutral:

](*,)How about “Certifiably Licensed”?

I think this whole conversation is Bananas:|.)

Licensed and Certified provides your client with much more valuable information.

“Licensed”, as Nick pointed out, simply means I paid the state my fee and met the minimum requirements necessary to open a business. “Certified” means that I have met someone else’s standards as well.

Bob, I hope you never have a disgruntled client, either. Wish the same for me, will you?

I hope none of your clients spends as much time scrutinizing your report vocabulary and marketing, the way Jeffrey does mine.

Not sure I want to know what he meant by that ,and let it pass along with the gas from tonight’s dinner.

I am much more concerned with what the term ‘Busoness’ means